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TriumphX released 2nd Bedroom NFT Series by Ryukiseob

TriumphX, a cross-chain based decentralized NFT platform developer, said it has released Ryukiseob’s second Bedroom NFT series on ENFTEE.

Ryukiseob submitted his works to the 14th ASYAAF in 2021 and got good reviews. ASYAAF is an Asian college student youth artist art festival, and more than 400 young artists under the age of 35 of Asian nationality participated in the last event. Ryukiseob’s work, which was submitted to ASYAAF, was also introduced as the 1st Bedroom NFT series on ENFTEE.

There is a bed in the artist’s painting. The bed is a place to travel back and forth between the artist’s inner world and reality. In the inner world, numerous worries, concerns, and ideals are intricately intertwined. In reality, on the other hand, there is a wall of the future that prevents you from looking forward, and you keep bumping into it. With a small space of the bed, the artist captures the complex emotions between dreams and reality in a surrealistic landscape.

This Ryukiseob’s 2nd NFT series consists of two art works, and is limited to 50 editions each. The first edition is introduced through ENFTEE.




TriumphX is a decentralised exchange for the trading of in-game items that exists as NFTs. Our goal is to create a highly liquid decentralised market that enables users to trade NFT tokens that exist across various blockchains with the highest security and transparency.

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