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TriumphX Releases Wonderalphabet Series NFT by MasaeKariya

TriumphX, a developer of a cross-chain-based decentralized NFT platform, announced that it will release a part of MasaeKariya’s Wonderalphabet series as NFT and present it to ENFTEE.

MasaeKariya is an artist living and working in Kyoto, Japan. She graduated from Kyoto City University of Arts (MFA) in 2004, and since then, through her paintings, video works, and installations, she reconsiders the relationship between humans and nature from a historical perspective from ancient times to the present. The major exhibitions include solo exhibitions “Small beings painted brutally” (GALLERY TERRA TOKYO, Tokyo, 2013), “Thinking landscape in Mongolia” (Red Ger Art Gallery, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, 2013), “Identity IV” (Nichido) Contemporary Art, Tokyo, 2013) and “The DAIWA Collection of Young Japanese Artists” (Okinawa Prefectural Museum and Art Museum, Okinawa, 2013).

The NFTs to be released at ENFTEE this time are 7 works from A to G among the Wonderalphabet (26 works from A to Z) series by MasaeKariya. Various animals such as zebras, snails, dolphins, giraffes, and rabbits create their own stories by expressing their own characters, and also create new stories by arranging characters.

The release of MasaeKariya’s NFT series is the introduction of the first foreign artist’s work within ENFTEE, and TriumphX plans to expand its NFT art business to Asian and global markets in the future.

This series is limited to a total of 20 editions for each work. Each of the first editions will be released through ENFTEE, and later will be released sequentially at Sole-X and OpenSea.




TriumphX is a decentralised exchange for the trading of in-game items that exists as NFTs. Our goal is to create a highly liquid decentralised market that enables users to trade NFT tokens that exist across various blockchains with the highest security and transparency.

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