Tan Ji Sheng
Aug 10 · 2 min read

TRVC 2.0 is a public blockchain that is forked at block number 226649 (view on insight) from the TRVC protocol commonly known as Trivecoin.

The forking and development are done by an entirely new team lead by Mr Tan Ji Sheng, the founder of TriveAcademy. He is a data scientist that has been invited to contribute to the trivecoin protocol. After working on the project for a couple of months, the initial team have stopped development and no longer working on the protocol. So, he has highlighted a couple of flaws in the protocol that he would like to fix and identify a new direction that the teams can work on.

So, he has worked with some of the TRVC community to create the TRVC 2.0 community which is entirely different from the previous protocol.

The previous public blockchain remain seated at https://github.com/trvc/trivechain and the new TRVC 2.0 has started at https://github.com/trivechain/trivechain-core

Here are some of the major changes that you will notice

1. Major Rebranding of Trivecoin -> Trivechain.

trivecoin-cli -> trivechain-cli
trivecoind -> trivechaind
trivecoin.org -> trivechain.com
insight.trivecoin.org -> insight.trivechain.com
bws.trivecoin.org -> bws.trivechain.com
wallet.trivecoin.org -> wallet.trivechain.com

2. The PoW Algorithm has changed from X11 to X16R to promote mining among common users that are using GPU and CPU.

3. The collateral of the Masternode has changed from 1,000 TRVC to 10,000 TRVC

So, if you are 1 of the previous masternode, you will have to set up again using a new UTXO with 10,000 TRVC as collateral

4. The average block time has changed from 2.5 minutes to 1 minute

5. The block reward has changed from 10.8 TRVC per block to 25 TRVC per block after the fork at block number 226655

This will promote newcomers to join the community and start mining on the new fork of the protocol.

6. Block Rewards Governance portion from 10% to 30%.

This will act as a reward for core developers and team to work on the TRVC 2.0 and grow further

7. The PoW and Masternode remain 60% and 40% after putting aside the Governance Reserves.

Note: There is a period of time with a little block mined due to the difficulty bomb from X11 ASIC to X16R GPU from block 226649

This article was initially posted on trivechain website as a blog post and now being moved to Medium official page as the first post


Trivechain (TRVC) is a games and entertainment public blockchain protocol. Visit https://trivechain.com to learn more.

Tan Ji Sheng

Written by

Main maintainer of Trivechain Protocol


Trivechain (TRVC) is a games and entertainment public blockchain protocol. Visit https://trivechain.com to learn more.

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