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Are you a new business, trying to figure your way around the tricks of the trade?

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur, looking forward to starting something of your own someday?

Are you looking to improve your current working process to compete and win against the giants of the industry?

What better teacher to mentor you than Google itself!

Google’s very own initiative, Google Startup is here for all you budding entrepreneurs as a one stop guiding solution for resources, planning and networking.

About Google for Startups (GFS)

Google, as we all know, is the most powerful, freely accessible tool known to mankind.With its absolutely path breaking innovations, it has enabled the world to be more, think more and do more. From ‘online advertising, cloud computing, computer software, quantum computing, e-commerce, artificial intelligence, and consumer electronics’ among the services it provides, Google is one the best success stories in the field of business as well.

In an effort to pass on this expertise that it has gained over the years, Google has collaborated with a number of successful companies and entrepreneurs to aid aspiring start-up owners and existing businesses along with their VCs by providing them with “the right people, products and best practices”.

A startup initiative that the company introduced in 2011, Google Startup has accelerators and more than 50 co-working facilities spread throughout 125 nations. It offers practical training for budding business owners.You can learn to create effective ad campaigns and advertise your business in the best possible way.

Whether it is for founders who are just getting started and testing their MVP, or for teams developing items and launching them on the market or for scaleups expanding to satisfy the demands of fresh clients and markets, Google for Startup has introduced programs, resources and communities that have been divided into three stages:

  1. Start
  2. Build
  3. Grow

GFS Startup School India

With the overwhelming changes in the country’s economy and the steady progress across various sectors, the start-up culture has picked up pace in India. People are willing to take bets, explore and innovate. The GFS Startup school’s purpose in India is to tie the unicorn founders, Google experts and VC’s to these up and coming businesses. Aired from July 6, 2022 to September 15, 2022, these sessions are available on the official page and you can register with them to watch these videos on demand.

The goal of Startup School is to equip early-stage startup owners with the resources, products, and information that expanding businesses require. It consists of a series of guided online trainings. Startup School in India aimed to educate participants over the course of nine weeks on growth, technology, and product. Topics covered included creating OKRs, making technical hiring, setting up a data pipeline, and getting started with Google products.

Courses to course through!

We, at Triveous, would like to give you a quick overview of what’s in store for you to pick, choose and learn at the Google for Startups.

There are four specific segments to the GFS Startup School India. These are:

  • Product and Design Strategy
  • Tech Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Success and Leadership

These topics have been chosen because

a)They form the fundamental building blocks of any start a project of your own, you’ll need to have insights in these fields.

b) Every startup is good at one or two of these segments. But imagine having a panel of industry experts guiding you through each and every one of them!

c)This is the kind of setup we would have at an accelerator or an incubator

Let’s have a look at each of this in detail:

Product Design and Management: These talks will teach you about Product Design and Management and will ultimately help you build better products

Google Cloud: If you want to see how the google cloud powers some of the top startups and companies in the world and how you can save time and money by leveraging the same tools, tune into these talks. These include googles great data pipelines, their machine learning offerings and their infrastructure orchestration offerings gcp tech cloud

Play Store: A common query among many startups is how they can effectively list their apps on the play store and get a lot of downloads. A similar number of startups also like to understand the policies their apps might violate and how to prepare for that. These two talks will set you up to do just that :

Founder related journeys: If you’d like to see founders, investors and industry leaders talk about their journeys and how you can follow the same, tune into these great talks

Building Better Startups: These talks will set you up to find the right pitch, become a better founder and search for the right investor

Hiring, Operations and OKRs: These talks will help you refine your hiring process, manage your startup cash flow and operations in the right way and set everyone up for success with OKRs

User Acquisition and Marketing: These talks will help you figure out how you can reach out to your users, whether they are on Google Search, on the app store or anywhere else. These talks cover both organic and paid marketing strategies and will help you no matter the kind of startup you are.

Did you find this helpful? For information on more such events and initiatives, look up on Triveous! A Bangalore-based design and development firm with eight years’ experience, Triveous is entirely remote. These talks are available for a limited time for those who wish to use them.

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