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Primer in looking after big markets

This is pitchdeck
And this is market reality

How to use Trivial for “total accessible market”

Select the category — for example “Exchange” and order by number of monthly active users. Disclaimer: measuring accurately DAU/MAU metrics for token projects is hard, for some projects what count is transaction volume and relayer fees (0x Protocol) and for Binance the total fees generated by exchange value matters.,Exchange

Power law distribution

The Winner take it all!

Due to multiple reasons situation where there are for example 10 companies having exactly 10% market share is almost impossible in globalized market.

The winner will accrue more value and will be able to attract best talent.

Increasing the value of a coins leads to increase in number of people interested in owning shares of such token.

Unusual sources for alpha

Hang out with developers — ask them about interesting technological projects.

break·out adjective

more than $5mm gross profit (roughly revenue minus cost of goods sold) in 2017, not run rate. likely to 8x by 2020. defensible. if not monetizing yet, based on public comparables (biased source: investors)

Missing pricing tier

Typical ICO investment is in $1000 range. Oh wait — actually it’s not an investment: it’s sale and tokens sold are company revenue!

Relationship between Twitter and Market Cap