Trivver XR Report | August 8, 2018

VR is coming to the main stage of children’s entertainment, mixed reality will have a major impact on the workplace, and more in this week’s edition of the Trivver XR Report

Magic Leap Launches Creator Edition Headset Priced at $2,300

After a long wait full of many unfulfilling teases, Magic Leap has finally launched their much hyped and extremely secretive AR headset, the Magic Leap One Creator Edition. The headset is currently being only hand delivered to select cities (check if your city made the cut) and starting price is $2,300. Today’s release has provided more specs than Magic Leap has previously shared, although they are still tight-lipped on key specs like resolution and field of view. Interested in learning more about the Magic Leap One headset experience? The Verge did a thought provoking review analyzing the headset’s specs and if Magic Leap has lived up to the 7-year hype and billions of dollars of funding.

Nickelodeon In Development Of VR/AR Animated Series ‘Meet The Voxels’

Nickelodeon’s Entertainment Lab is currently developing a VR/AR animated sitcom using cutting-edge virtual cinema technology. They are using real-time full body and facial performance capture to create an entirely new type of animated entertainment. Nickelodeon’s Entertainment Lab have been producing VR & AR content based around existing popular Nickelodeon shows, but the production of a TV show is a big step in production. Unreal Engine game engine will power the new show, which currently has the working title Meet the Voxels.

Mixed Reality is Changing the Workplace

Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, sponsored by Microsoft, has released Mixed Reality: A New Dimension of Work which shares data collected from a study that analyzed the impact mixed reality (MR) will have in the workplace. The study found that more than two-thirds (68%) of respondents believe mixed reality is important to achieving their companies’ strategic goals in the next 18 months. Survey results found that MR is set to reshape how employees work and increase productivity by enabling them to work across physical and digital boundaries and to interact with digital content in new ways.

‘Electronauts’ Is A Surreal VR Music Production Tool For Any Skill Level

Music production and virtual reality meet in ‘Electronauts,’ a newly released music creation tool in VR. Users are able to access an assortment of custom, interactive electronic instruments and controls, and are able to compose, remix, edit and perform a variety of tracks from big-name electronic artists such as Tiesto, DJ Shadow, The Chainsmokers, ODESZA and Steve Aoki.

Electronauts Tutorial

How VR’s Next Generation Shows Key Signs of a Maturing Market

VR use is set to greatly increase over the next few years and the market is showing signs of maturing with advancements in specs and experiences, as well as a more cohesive industry in the future. OpenXR API Standard is currently in development and will be open and royalty-free, with a goal is to foster greater interoperability within the VR ecosystem of apps, game engines, and headsets. Newly created connection standards, unified controller inputs, and standalone headsets are more signs of a maturing VR market. It is looking like the future holds a more structured, unified and open VR ecosystem.

AND in case you missed it, Trivver CEO Joel LaMontagne was featured on an episode of the Bad Crypto Podcast. You can catch Joel talking about XR pragmatic advertising, our token sale and more on Crypto Spotlight 37: LendLedger, Akash Network, TRIVVER.

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