Triwer Announces Temporary Pause

Dear Triwer community,

Since the beginning of Triwer, we took the decision to follow a regulated path for our token sale to provide the best possible level of protection for our stakeholders.

We selected Malta as the juristic environment to issue our token due to their forefront initiative to regulate the crypto currencies and ICO. In July the bill was approved by the Maltese parliament making Malta the first country to enact a legislation on crypto.

Triwer is encouraged in its decision to have placed ourselves in this regulated
environment and are proud to announce that Triwer is amongst the first to submit our project and documentation to the Maltese regulators in order for the TRW (Triwer token) to be accepted as a regulated virtual financial asset (VFA).

Being a regulated VFA will allow for Triwer to build in additional features, use cases and returns into our token, which in return will elevate the value for all stakeholders as well as open the token to additional exchanges, a number of which Triwer already has been in talks with and gotten commitments for the listing of the TRW.

For this reason we have taken the strategic decision to pause our token sale.

Further notice will follow soon as we are progressing with the application process.