µTorrent bids to become a TRON Super Representative

µTorrent (a clever reference to “micro” torrent but often called “u” torrent) is one of the world’s most popular BitTorrent clients with almost 100M active users. Originally created by Ludvig Strigeus (ludde) to be the lightest and fastest torrent client running on the BitTorrent p2p communications protocol, µTorrent is currently maintained by a team of developers at BitTorrent, Inc. The desktop Apps for Windows and Mac enable decentralized, resilient, access to information to keep creators and consumers in control of their data and content and is popular in over 130 countries. On Android, µTorrent is one of the most popular Apps on the Play Store.

The company and the team behind µTorrent are strong advocates of net neutrality and decentralized internet values. As a practitioner of the BitTorrent protocol, it’s no coincidence that µTorrent shares the same values and vision with another super representative candidate, BitTorrent.

In the hope of being elected as a super representative, µTorrent will participate in the election to promote and further the value of decentralizing the internet. 
To further qualify its bid to become a super representative, µTorrent already runs an extensive infrastructure to support its massive worldwide user base. It has servers housed in multiple state of art data centers around the world with disaster recovery centers in Los Angeles and Iceland. Its team is comprised of some of the original custodians of BitTorrent and are still active in the open source community to enhance the legacy of the decentralized protocol.
Site and social media
Members of the team:
Francisco De La Cruz
Lead Engineer in Engineering 
San Francisco, CA
Gauthier Groult
Sr. Director, Engineering in Engineering 
San Francisco, CA
Robert McDonald
Sr. Software Engineer in Engineering
San Francisco, CA
Available infrastructure:
CPU 72 Cores, RAM 1TB, SSD: 3T
Network:25 gbs
Available IT Budget: $120,000