Accelerate to the Future: niTROn Summit will be held in January 2019 in San Francisco

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Nov 17, 2018 · 3 min read

TRON’s niTROn Summit themed “acceleration” will be held on January 17 and 18, 2019 (PST) in the heart of the most advanced tech hub in the world, San Francisco. As a company that recognizes the importance of the research and development of technology, TRON hopes to utilize this time to share our findings and expertise in the blockchain field with developers and industry leaders. We also hope to expand our reach to nonblockchain industries by sharing our knowledge and ideas on how to implement blockchain. At the summit, we will discuss the current technological progress within the industry, the future of blockchain, and best practices to inspire others to empower the development of blockchain.

Rekindle the entrepreneurship of Silicon Valley in San Francisco

Silicon Valley has always been the Mecca of new technology and entrepreneurship. The vibrant community of entrepreneurs, investors, developers, marketers, and many more have all contributed to the booming growth of the tech industry. As one of the world’s largest and brightest tech hubs, Silicon Valley played an important role in supporting the development of blockchain during its emergence within the last couple of years. Studies have shown that blockchain is the fastest growing sector in tech, with companies hiring for many bright minds with blockchain experience to build their internal teams and projects.

With such a strong supportive community of bright minds in Silicon Valley, it is only fitting to have TRON’s first summit located in downtown San Francisco at the Yerba Buena Center of the Arts. The TRON US Headquarters is also located in San Francisco. niTROn hopes to attract and provide a platform of communication for a wide range of projects and blockchain practitioners and enthusiasts.

Explore the future and empower blockchain industry

Over the last year, blockchain has easily become one of the most discussed topics with artificial intelligence and big data closely behind. This technology has been slowly permeating into the tech world. Companies and ambitious projects are all competing to become the first to successfully implement blockchain and achieve mass adoption. In the future, we expect to see blockchain play a large role in economics, culture, philanthropy, politics, and more.

As one of the leading companies of the blockchain industry, TRON is dedicated to decentralizing the web through using an ecosystem that consists of our community members, a wide range of DApps, wallets, and decentralized exchanges. TRON simply provides technical solutions for the developers who build on the network and our community.

During the summit, Justin Sun, TRON’s founder, will share TRON’s experience in operation and development, combined with his own understanding of the blockchain industry with the summit attendees. He will also share the latest business development strategy plan and the latest practice of blockchain integration with all industries. In addition to blockchain practitioners, a heavyweight guest speaker will be invited to the summit, as well as influential opinion leaders from all walks of life. Leaders from politics, education, e-commerce and other fields will join the discussions on blockchain development. They will share their investment and wealth management experience from the perspectives of politics, economics and culture.

Focus on Technology R&D, Developers create a better future

The niTROn industry summit will last for two days. On Day 2, in order to promote the transformation and upgrading of the blockchain industry and create an ecosystem covered by the whole sector, TRON will host a forum for developers. The topics being discussed will include Super Representatives, public chain research and development, DApp/smart contract development, game engine development, decentralized exchange construction, and more.

The summit will set up a partner exhibition area, a TRON case exhibition area, and a media interview area. Participants will be able to communicate with leaders in the industry and other fields to obtain first-hand industry information and gain an in-depth understanding of industry trends. They will also have the opportunity to expand their business network, acquire the most influential network resources in the blockchain industry, receive technical support and share experience with pioneer blockchain enterprises, and get exposed to the latest industry ecological solutions.

Accelerate to the Future, niTROn Summit 2019 Industry Summit, stay tuned!

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