Completion of Phase Five of the Tronics Support Plan

TRON Foundation
Dec 15, 2018 · 2 min read

Since the TRON Foundation released the Tronics Support Plan, we have received kind support from Tronics around the world. Now the Foundation will give back to our supporters the ownership of the

47,507,714.47782 TRX in the 197th address: TG175j8SL5BDRsgFjHtb3tBsNCjbiqFMWU,

42,017,216.465012 TRX in the 199th address THtzEq5MiqSeXSnxroz51aJfCjDodZZjX4,

49,039,848.128772 TRX in the 203th address TMrwcjqECRFV34pdDb8GRs5CSjyaxmaiJ3,

44,794,715.688781 TRX in the 208th address: TXNDgSZeVxdEBV2koodmZDV4gfic5b9Lam,

29,829,692.97107 TRX in the 210th address: TEm2izSsyxFGBbz3bVcAxWBHV8Pw59K3Cc.

These five addresses with the TRX will be removed from the list of addresses locked by the Foundation.

Before releasing the TRX frozen by the TRON Foundation on January 1, 2020, the supporting funds from the supporters will match the funds frozen by the Foundation. During this period, this part of TRX is owned by community supporters, yet managed by the Foundation. In other words, the total amount of the TRX frozen will not change.

The TRON Foundation would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all Tronics. TRON is one of the largest operating system based on blockchain, with more than 100 million users. We will continue our commitment in the R&D of the TRON public chain, developing and optimizing more DApps, and enriching the TRON ecosystem. We will march forward with our original faith of “Decentralize the Web”. Only in this way can we give back to the supporters who had provided their selfless support for building the decentralized network of TRON.

From today onwards, the Foundation will make real-time adjustment of the amount of TRX frozen based on the progress of the Support Plan.

We will release a detailed list of the supporters with the amount of their donation after communicating with the supporters.

Thank you again for your support! Let’s TRON to the future together!

The TRON Foundation




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