DappRadar Now Listing TRON Dapps

On November 23, 2018, DappRadar, the global leader in Dapp market data and analytics, has started listing TRON Dapps and tracking related data. Tron Dapps can be ranked by different metrics such as contract balance, 24-hour active users, 24-hour trading volume, 7-day trading volume, etc.

DappRadar is the world’s largest Dapp market data and Dapp distribution platform. DappRadar allows the Dapp developers and users conveniently to track Dapp data based on Ethereum, EOS and now TRON. DappRadar also presents the statistical data of the Dapp ecosystem in a visual way with charts and graphs, offering insights of the entire Dapp ecosystem. This not only helps the Dapp developers understand market changes and make decisions based on the data, but also allows Dapp users to discover the newest, most popular or the most functional Dapps based on the data.

Since its inception, the TRON Foundation has been developing its Dapp ecosystem with Dapp products, building the infrastructure for the blockchain industry. TRON has upgraded its MainNet to its Odyssey 3.0 version, with newly-designed resource manager that can optimize the deployment and management of resources on TRON. In addition, TRON Foundation has added the resource trading feature, allowing for more reasonable pricing of the resources and easier smart contract development for the developers on the main chain. TRON Dapp House, an app store to display Dapps in the TRON ecosystem, has also been launched successfully.