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Election Manifesto of TRON Super Representative — — CryptoGuyInZA


Crypto Guy In South Africa (CryptoGuyInZA) is Cryptocurrency Enthusiast in South Africa providing Insight & Sharing Own Experience With Industry Leading Digital Currencies Based on Block Generation Technology.

I am 34 years old and reside in South Africa, my name is Louis. I work as IT consultant and have been working in IT for over 13 years. I have exposure working with various pieces of software and can adapt as needed. I have a personal passion for Cryptos and taking this journey with the Tron community.

I believe that most people involved in Cryptocurrencies are outside of the African continent and are large companies, I would like to be one of the first real independent ambassador for crypto in Africa and want Tron to be one of those Cryptocurrencies. I strongly believe Cryptocurrencies should be for the people and need independent people like me, I do not believe they should be centralized or be controlled by large companies. I also believe that I have excellent English which will assist to expand the Tron message into English speaking countries.

Website & Social Media

Below is my social media presence and website details

· Twitter :

· Reddit :

· Youtube :

· Medium :

· Website :

Team Information

Hardware Information

I will start off with AWS hosting for flexibility purposes. I would then like to move to either physical hardware or to a local cloud provider in order to fully show Africa presence. I will start with AWS server and expand as needed.

Ideally, I want to have several nodes, the nodes as following

· Testnet node — m5.xlarge

· Mainnet nodes to have 2 or 3 nodes.

· Mainnet additional nodes will be backup nodes ready to take over from primary node or to work in cluster mode. Busy looking at failover options and will implement the best possible option.

· Mainnet nodes will comply with Tron recommendation of AWS x1.16xlarge.

Server placement is AWS United States East (Ohio)
Server configuration for Mainnet Node is x1.16xlarge 64 core 1T memory 20T SSD storage (EBS) 25G bandwidth

Testnet Nodes

Testnet node is already launched and actively testing with the community. One of the first up and running.

Remember I’m an average person using my own money to run nodes for the enjoyment of Tron

Expenditure Plan

The idea is to use the majority of the Tronix that is earned as Super Representative to go back into Tron ecosystem, no Tronix will be withdrawn for my own benefit in the first year. All Tronix will be used in the first year for the following

· Tron will be used to increase hardware capacity for my SR slot.

· As hardware capacity needs are met then the amounts of Tronix retained will be less and more will be given to the community. Ideally if future Tron explorer shows who votes for my SR I would like to payout Tronix to these voters to the proportion of the Tronix used to vote.

· I will immediately start sharing with Tron community when in top 27 and creating blocks, Tronix will be shared by launching several initiatives to promote Tron. Within 1–2 month from launch my share percentage will increase drastically to be sharing up to 80% of Tronix (after hardware expenses) with ecosystem in the form of 70%-75% with voters, 5%-10% to donate to development projects within ecosystem. All payments made to Tron voters with balances above a specific % on a regular basis! % to be determined based on transaction expenses at a later stage when mainnet launched.

· Any Tron remaining will be left in Tron network for future funding. No Tronix will be withdrawn for my own benefit in the first year.

Community Support Plan

As illustrated in the expenditure plan a lot of Tron will go back into people holding Tron and into hardware capacity for Testnet, future Betanet and of course Mainnet. Up and above that I will act as Tron ambassador for Africa continent and will push a lot of content via these methods

· YouTube videos — I create YouTube videos illustrating how to do things. These how to videos cover simple things like how to buy Tron, setup SR nodes, develop on Tron, etc.

· Medium Posts — Similar info but text based version of YouTube videos

· Twitter — Push out the content to broader community

· Reddit — Push out the content to broader community

This content will continue over several years as Tron progresses through its development phases.

Every year as new releases and new milestones reached with Tron the following support for community will be provided

· Nodes for Testnet or any future Betanets

· Donations for initiatives to promote or assist with development of future

· Promote new releases and new features through social media

· Assist the community as needed



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