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Election Manifesto of TRON Super Representative — — DON GIATTI

1. Official Site

· Homepage:

· Our official application document in PDF format can be downloaded here: Document

2. Team / Company Information

What we do

· DON GIATTI stands for a sophisticated liqueur based on Swiss ingredients.

· DON GIATTI was founded by two Swiss: Philippe Ake Ott and Leon Mehlau with a passion for innovative product engineering. We firmly believe that the only keys to success are human capital and passion.

· DON GIATTI is pure Swiss — from founders over production to bottling all located in the small town of Winterthur near Zurich.

· DON GIATTI is sold internationally, foremost in Switzerland, Germany, and Thailand.

Where we go

· Strengthening our global presence by leveraging existing and new networks.

· Teaming up with TRON and helping to extend TRON’s network and TRON’s real world presence.

· Launch of new product line TRON GIATTI, a limited edition liqueur as an homage to TRON Foundation and its community.

· Building a strong community and showing the world what opportunities and possibilities TRON has to offer.

The Story

· Summer 2013: DON GIATTI hits the market

· DON GIATTI established itself as one of the most popular liqueur brands with a high reputation.

· Summer 2015: DON GIATTI goes international

· DON GIATTI hits the Asian and German market thanks to its local success, a leveraged international network and great social media presence.

· Swissness and the spirit of the young, innovative founders as the DNA of the company proofs to be a winning formula for expansion.

· Beginning 2017: DON GIATTI goes crypto

· DON GIATTI implements the possibility to pay with crypto currencies in their online store.

· Founders are early investors in TRON Foundation and its crypto currency TRX.

· May, 2018: DON GIATTI and TRON GIATTI?

· Convinced of TRON Foundation’s enormous potential DON GIATTI intends to promote TRON through DON GIATTI’s platform and to leverage DON GIATTI via TRON’s platform.

Introducing TRON GIATTI (see “Community promotion efforts” for details)

3. Social media influence





4. Annual community support plan

· 40% for voters as an incentive for voting

· 2.5% for rewards for shopping at a local store (worldwide) and at our DON GIATTI online store

· 2.5% will go into the TRON GIATTI Foundation, which acts as a funding pool for community projects and sponsoring. In general, funds can be requested for blockchain based projects and for sponsoring events to promote TRON.

· In total 45% will be given back to the TRON community directly, irrespective of the market value per TRX!

5. + 6. List of team members, pictures and introduction

· Philippe: Founder and Executive Officer

Philippe is a scientist who holds a Master’s degree in geo informatics and remote sensing from a leading Swiss university. He is a passionate entrepreneur, loves working in multicultural fields and bringing exciting ideas to the marketplace with the help of brilliant teams. Passion for adventure travelling and race driving.

· Simon: Investment Manager

Simon is an economist who holds a Master’s degree from a top Scandinavian business university. Having worked in the finance industry for several years, it is no wonder that he got infected with the blockchain virus early on. At DON GIATTI Simon is responsible for managing all finance related questions. He is entrepreneurially driven and has a passion for financial markets.

7. Livestream

As a TRON SR livestreams will play a major role for promoting essential information about TRON blockchain itself or news about the implementation of the world’s first crypto-branded liqueur and the TRON GIATTI project.

8. Meet Up

Through the TRON GIATTI Foundation we will organize entrepreneurial meetups and workshops, act as a project-scout with focus on digitalization/blockchain implementation and build connections within and beyond the TRON community.

9. Community promotion efforts

· Tron meets DON GIATTI:

· If we are voted as SR for the TRON community, we will produce a limited TRON GIATTI liqueur edition as a tribute to the TRON Foundation and its amazing community, fusing the unique design of both brands. This will then be the world’s first crypto-branded liqueur! The new product shall be celebrated accordingly. The bottles can only be bought with crypto currencies. If they are bought with TRX, customers will get a 5% discount.

· Ever since our first investment in TRX we have been looking for answers to our TRON and crypto related questions via social media pages such as Twitter or Reddit. However, especially in the course of our application for the SR elections, we have repeatedly been unable to find the information we were looking for. Therefore, we want to support the TRON community by creating a central and well-structured online hub for all TRON and general basic crypto related information.

· In addition, all regular DON GIATTI bottles will support TRON. The TRON logo will be applied on every bottle and a TRX reward program for the buyer will be implemented.

· In 2013 we established the company and created the two accounts (Facebook and Instagram) where we post relevant information about our product and events about DON GIATTI.

· As TRON SR both accounts will be used to spread the word of cryptocurrency in the spirit industry, party and club scene and to establish new connections relevant for TRON.

· The newly established TRON GIATTI twitter account will be intensively used showing information about TRON and DON GIATTI, creating interaction between both communities and focusing on cryptocurrency topics related to TRON (community giveaways, promotion, special events and much more).

10. Testable nodes

This is our testable node (XXXXXX) — in progress

11. Plans for hardware expansion

We will provide failover scripting as well as Anti-Ddos via AWS Shield, to provide a stable and secure environment for the main node. To backup the server extension environment, we will choose another world region to have a stable setup in case of negative externalities.

· July 2018: We will extend our capabilities with the following:

Adding a second main node with corresponding backup: x1.16xlarge 64 core 1T memory 1T SSD storage (EBS) 25G bandwidth

· August 2018: We will extend our capabilities with the following:

Adding a third main node with corresponding backup: x1.16xlarge 64 core 1T memory 1T SSD storage (EBS) 25G bandwidth

· September 2018: We will extend our capabilities with the following:

Adding a fourth main node with corresponding backup: x1.16xlarge 64 core 1T memory 1T SSD storage (EBS) 25G bandwidth

The dual-system backup will be equivalent to the corresponding specification of the monthly extension plans, as mentioned above.

12. Server location

EU (Frankfurt), EU (Ireland), Asia-Pacific (Singapore), Asia-Pacific (Tokyo), USA (Ohio), USA (Oregon)

13. Server types

Amazon AWS EC2 — cloud-based

14. Server configuration

· This setup for main node will start running in June, providing the first blocks:

x1.16xlarge 64 core 1T memory 20T SSD storage (EBS) 25G bandwidth (EU (Frankfurt)),

in combination with failover scripting as well as Anti-Ddos via AWS Shield, to provide a stable and secure environment for the main node.

· As a backup node environment we will provide a setup as following:

x1e.2xlarge 8 core 244GB memory 2T SSD storage (EBS) 25G bandwidth (EU (Irland))

· As a test node environment, we will provide a setup as following for providing the first blocks:

r4.xlarge 4 core 30GB memory 50GB SSD storage (EBS) 10G bandwidth (EU (Frankfurt))

15. Budget expenses

The estimated budget spent before 26th June is around 18’000$ for corresponding hardware for main node and test node. After 26th June we planned our rewards distribution as follows:

· 45% given back to TRON community, irrespective of the market value per TRX (see “Annual Community Support Plan” for details).

· 25% used for maintenance and upgrade of servers. Percentage dependent on market value per TRX (calculated with 0.1 USD/TRX). If surplus funds remain, we will distribute it to the community and voters.

· 15% reinvested in the DON GIATTI brand (e.g. for a limited TRON GIATTI edition), in collaboration with TRON and its community. Percentage dependent on the market value per TRX (calculated with 0.1 USD/TRX).

· 13% locked away and serves as a long-term investment. Significant surge of market value per TRX expected in the long term.

· 2% set aside for administrative costs (e.g. for legal expenses or team funds).



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