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Election Manifesto of TRON Super Representative — — MDT

1. Official website:

2. Company information:

Name: Measurable Foundation Limited

Office address: 414 Brannan St, San Franciso, CA, United States

Floor 7, 118 Wai Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong

Anticipated server location:

Cloud Locations: Washington, USA and Singapore

3. Server Configuration

Microsoft Azure Cloud:

M64s: 64 vCPU(s), 1T RAM, 2T Temp Storage

Managed OS Disk:

P30: 1T SSD, 5K IOPS, 200 MB/Sec

CPU: 8 core processor

Memory: 128GB

Storage: 512GB internal SSD storage

Bandwidth: 16Gbps

Planning For Scale


1. DDoS attack protection: stop attacks in minutes with our cloud solution.

2. Our servers will install security updates automatically.

3. The outgoing connections ensures our TRON SR primary block producer stay hidden from the internet while synching up to the blockchain and producing blocks.


1. Our servers will be monitored 24/7 and event handlers have been set up to restarting the process automatically.

2. In order to further check our TRON processes running smoothly, we will continually verify our nodes and blocks are staying in sync with blockchain to provide better API services to others.

3. We will also monitor the blocks produced by other 26 SR and compare the number against our nodes to ensure block producing consistency and balance within the TRON chain and keep updated for future expansion plans.


1. Our monitoring solution will send alerts to our on call engineer once any outage notifications occurs within our infrastructure.

2. We will setup a rotating team of multiple engineers to monitor our infrastructure.

3. Our team will make quick turnaround to provide urgent service and support with solid experience and monitoring data to drive continuous improvement.nd Nodes in the Google and Azure cloud solutions.

Custom Cloud Solution:

1. MDT is a decentralized data exchange economy adopted by Mailtime, award winning email solution app with 5 million users backed by world class investors. We are experts with solid knowledge in data field in years. After TRON mainnet launch, we will be working on moving our infrastructure to our own dedicated data center space.

2. We will build up our custom cloud solution accordingly post launch.

3. We will consider scale up to a multi data center solution to become truly independently decentralized but not relying on Google, Azure or Microsoft in the future.

4. Community Support

With support of 100 Media in China, we hold our belief to advocate TRON X MDT make a better future in the decentralized world. We launched MDT talks in China to raise up awareness of TRON X MDT and educate people how the TRON and MDT ecosystem work by live streaming and event talks. We have walked over the major cities such as Chengdu, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai to let people know blockchain projects like TRON and MDT could benefit everybody in the real life. 100 Media reported us and delivered the message and the knowledge of blockchain affecting more than 500,000 people.

5. Test node for community member:

We have deployed a TRON private test node in the target environment, which will later be upgraded to the TRON network after the election of TRONSR.

6. Brief introduction to team members:

-Heatherm Huang, co-founder of MDT. Seven years ago, Heatherm designed Talkbox Messenger, one of the first voice messenger apps, which had 13 million users. His second product MailTime Email Messenger debuted at the TechCrunch Disrupt, was awarded as “Best of 2015” by Apple with over 5 million users. Other than that, Heatherm’s team started an email intelligence company called Measurable AI, analyzing up to 15 billion anonymous consumer data. His experience in both consumer products and big data led to his latest venture — Measurable Data Token, a decentralized data exchange economy.

-Gary Lau: Bachelor of Computer Science, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology; Master of Computer Science, City University of Hong Kong
CTO of MailTime, member of TalkBox founding team

-Ken Wong: Bachelor of Computer Science, Monash University

-Chen Xu: Master of Computer Science, Hong Kong Baptist University

Member of TalkBox founding Team, Wemail Chief Developer

-Rept Lo: Master of Computer Science, Hong Kong Chinese University; Bachelor of Computer Science, Sun Yat-Sen University

Supervisor of MailTime clients, Member of TalkBox founding Team

-Carson Ip: Bachelor of Computer Science, Hong Kong Chinese University; Bachelor of Computer Science, Royal Institute of Technology of Sweden

MailTime Cloud Technology Supervisor

7.Influential communities:

Telegram: 35,000 people

Facebook: 5760 people

Twitter: 9671 people



Telegram: 5000 people

Wechat official account: ilovemdt

WeChat community contacts: Carina111018




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