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Election Manifesto of TRON Super Representative — — Team TronCenter

1 Official site

2 Team info
We are a team from Seattle, USA. We share the same beliefs as Tron, which makes the web more democratic and the content creators can monetize all their content without the controls of any third party.

We are from diverse backgrounds and dedicated to extending the reach and impact of Tron to everyone in local community. We have experiences from multiple domains, including block chain DApp development, block chain deployment and maintenance ,web design, network infrastructure and security, as well as community organizing and business development.

3 Social media influence
We are believers and doers of Tron theory. We have accounts in Twitter, Facebook, Steemit and YouTube. Since Tron is a very popular block chain project in China, we have the support from
3+ WeChat block chain groups, each has 500 members.

4 Annual Community support plan

We will host meet ups and seminars regularly to teach the theories behind block chain and Tron.
We will teach people, hand in hand, on how to use wallet to vote or make transactions.
By talking with people, we can find out what is needed and how block chain can help improving everyone’s life,make it more cost effective, quicker, more democratic. This will help us to serve the community better.

We will set up 12,000 Dollar scholarship, every year, to be used in 4 Universities under the name TronCenter, as long as we remain as SR. So the young students will learn block chain theories and know what Tron will bring a huge change in the society. Also this will encourage more intelligent students to devote themselves to the block chain community. When more and more intelligent people get into this area, block chain will keep growing, becoming faster and easier to use, which will attract more users, then in return more developers are needed. This produces a virtuous circle.

We will product video tutorials on how to use Tron. Block chain is still in early age and lots of people don’t understand it, which makes them unwilling to accept the new concepts.
We believe, as pioneers, we have the responsibility to educate them and let them get rid of the fears. Social media is a great tool to fulfill our goal. As more and more people understand and participate,
more and more applications will be built and block chain industry will grow very fast.

Host hackathon on Dapp development on Tron. It is a great opportunity to promote Tron.

Enhance the applications on our platform. This is our giving back to Tron community being a SR.

5 Team member pics

All pictures are found @

6 Team intros

Block Chain Software Engineer :Frank Cheng
Mr. Cheng is a full stack Software Engineer with 8 years experiences on back end and front end design and implementation. He has developed geographic information system (GIS) which is widely used by the fire fighter departments. In recent years, he is very interested in block chain smart contract development and understands the security protocol stacks and cryptography libraries. Right now, he is learning on how to build Dapps on Tron and wish to contribute to the community.

Network Security Expert: Jing Lee
Mr. Lee has a master degree in Computer Science. He is a network engineer focuses on high-level network design and planning for more than 10 years. He has been designing enterprise LAN, WAN which requires robustness, determinacy, and compatibility, performing growth analysis, capacity planning and optimization to meet current and future needs. Designed and implemented firewalls, intrusion detection/ prevention systems;Understood how to mitigate network threats and vulnerabilities.
Familiar with Microsoft, Linux, Cisco, Vmware systems.

Community Relations and Marketing Manager : Michelle Ka
Ms. Ka is a naturally optimistic and friendly person. She has a bachelor’s degree in public relations
and 5 years successful experience in fundraising, business development, community relations. She cares about the poor and has been volunteering at food banks and charities. Implementing community outreach programs, organizing events, coordinating volunteers. She has good presentation and negotiation skills.

7 Livestream
This is our Youtube channel to promote Tron:

8 Meet Up
We have a Block Chain and Crypto meet up group for more than a year. We are planning our
next meetup to use Tron as an example to explain how content creators can monetize their content.

9 Community promotion efforts
We have printed more than 200 pages of handouts to promote Tron.
We have produced the step by step instruction documents on how to vote and transact in Tron.
We have a Tron News section on our website which is a window to show what is happening in Tron Community.
We have an email link on our website to let users submit their questions.

10 Testable nodes
Our current server’s IP is:
It is acting as Witness and is connected to Main Net.

11 Plans for Hardware Expansion

During the first month of producing blocks as a TRON SR, We will comply with the recommended configuration of the main and backup servers:

2 x Aws x1.16xlarge 64 cores 1T RAM 1T SSD 25Gbps Network

Our servers will have scripts to monitor and automatically switch to backup server if there is an issue
on the main server. We will use AWS Shield Standard with Amazon CloudFront and Amazon Route 53, to receive comprehensive availability protection against all known infrastructure (Layer 3 and 4) attacks.

Starting from 2019, Bare Metal servers will be used after we have a good understanding of the traffic throughput of Tron. It will give us more flexibility and we can configure the server and network to ensure that the server has highest performance and security to as a SR.

12 Server Location
N. California,USA

13 Server Types
Before 2019: Cloud based
Starting from 2019: Bare Metal servers

14 Server Configuration
Server configuration before June 26 :

32 CPU
RAM 256G
6 Gbps Network

After June 26:
2 x Aws x1.16xlarge 64 cores 1T RAM 1T SSD 25Gbps Network

15 Budget

Our estimated budget before 26th June is between $20,000 and $50,000 , as needed.

50% Rewards to our voters
25% Servers cost & Maintenance
20% HR and Operation costs
4% Community projects
1% Tron Scholarship

The distribution above is made based on current price (1 TRX = 0.043$) and we are chosen as SR most of the time. These percentages will be reviewed regularly.



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