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Election Manifesto of TRON Super Representative — — Tron Community Group

1. Official Site

2. Team location: Italy

3. Server type: Cloud

4. Server configuration and location:

At the moment we have a server running in France (Paris) with the following specs:

CPU: Intel 2x Xeon E5–2687Wv4–24/48t — 3GHz /3,5GHz

RAM: 512GB DDR4 ECC 2133 MHz

Ssd: Ssd SoftRaid 2x4TB

As soon as the mainnet start, all our infrastructure will be upgraded.


5. Budget and Technical Plan for 2018 (before June,26)

Our testable node is set up and we have already produced blocks.

6. Hardware Expansion Plan for 2018 (after June,26)

Our super node will be hosted on different servers, baremetal and cloud platform. All servers will have a script made by our developer that will check every second the stability of the forging server and switch in any case of failure.

After June 26 our servers will be updated and hosted on OVH and they will have the following specs:

  1. Cpu: Intel® Xeon® E7–8880 v3
  2. Ram: 976 Gb DDR4–2666Mhz
  3. ssd: 2x1 tb ssd in raid mode
  4. Bandwidh: 10 gbit symmetric

Once the current server will be overloaded, we plan to build a custom server and host in the OVH datacenter.
We have an automatic switch system in case of any kind of failure situation. First, we have a script that try to switch the forging to another server we have in the pool. At the same time we are alerted by a telegram bot and we receive an sms on our mobile phone with the status of the different servers. We plan to have an uptime of 99.999%

7. Annual community support plan:

In order to incentivize the voting procedure and support community activities, TCG shares 100% of the produced TRX to voters for the first month after the launch of the Tron Blockchain. If the Super Representative is then able to reach 7.4% of the total votes, the community plan takes into account the following distribution:

TCG gives back 70% of its forged TRX to its voters, rewarding the community that supports the Super Representative.

The Dapps Development Fund is funded with 7% of the forged TRX. This amount is reserved to investments in promising TRON sidechain projects and tools. In order to make a future in which each sidechain is contributing and greatly adding to the benefits of the TRON platform, we will need high-quality sidechains to be developed and the highest quality will be achieved by attracting the best talent from around the globe.
The Dapps Development Fund is the vehicle to help bring innovative ideas to life. There is an internal evaluation process and the value of each investment is figured on a case-to-case basis. In addition, TCG supports selected projects with advisoring and mentoring.

Marketing & Education receives 5% of the total forged TRX and this fund is reserved for the development of educational materials, online and offline promotions, contests and community bounties and the organization of local TRON meetups.

Charity is an important value proposition of TCG. The fund manages 3% of the forged TRX and the aims is to select local and international NGOs that adopt cryptocurrencies. This initiative brings visibility to TRON ecosystem, an increased brand power and is the perfect way towards mass adoption.

IT Infrastructure & Team: the experienced team is able to manage autonomously the tech aspects required to manage a node and the funds (15%) allow TCG to fulfil the expected improvement plans for hardware and servers. TCG uses scripts developed internally, that automatize the calculation of the individual rewards and the distribution to the stakeholders, offering security, privacy and reliability to voters.

It’s possible that if the voting stake will be lower or higher than the expected value, TCG will work hard to further reward community contributions and guarantee the highest tech infrastructure.

8. Team:

Alessandro, Web Developer: Alessandro is a chinese speaker and Web Developer with experience in IT field (PHP, SQL, CSS, JavaScript, Laravel, VueJS). He spent 1 year in Beijing, China, thanks to a scholarship in order to study the language and improve his skills.
In crypto world from 4 years and active delegate in Shift, OXY, LWF. He’s an open source and blockchain enthusiast that aims to contribute to develop a multitude of services for the people in order to make the world better and more decentralized.

Davide, Business Manager: Social entrepreneur with 5 years of experience in blockchain technology, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Co-Founder and COO of a blockchain startup that won 7 startup competition awards and was mentioned on 150+ newspapers (Nasdaq, TechCrunch, Bitcoin Magazine, Cointelegraph..). Co-founded of the Blockchain Education Network Italia (600+ students) and co-organizer of the local Bitcoin Meetup. Co-founder of EthereumWisdom, Lisk Magazine and DPoS delegate in RISE and OXY.

Gregorio, SysAdmin: Gregorio is a SysAdmin with more than 1 year of experience in DPoS world; he is a former Lisk delegate, forging since the testnet in 2016, and current SHIFT, RISE and OXY active delegate. He is in charge of the upkeep and configuration of the TRON node. In crypto ecosystem since 2015, he has 2 years of experience in Asic and GPU mining. He is a Lisk Core Basher and developed community tools for the most famous DPoS projects.

9. Active Projects

TronRanking provides information about the Super Representatives candidates, helping the community to better evaluate the proposals. The ranking is based on the criteria released by Tron Labs.

Community survey (300+ voters):

10. Community Channels

• Twitter:

• Telegram Group:

• Telegram Channel:



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