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Election Manifesto of TRON Super Representative — — TronWatch

1. Official Site

Our Website is

2. Team Info

With over 10 years of experience in developing web applications, TronWatch is formed by a dynamic team of young developers from all around the world including Canada, United States, United Kingdom and Germany.

Our portfolio show software product in different field of business like finance, Gaming, E-commerce, and design.

3. Social Media Influence [8,096 Fans] [23,700 Fans]

4. Annual Community Support Plan

At TronWatch, our focus is on projects that will help shape the community into a better place. We plan to do this by building utilities to push the Tron Network forward as a whole, which will help influence innovation within the network.

We currently have our first wallet online.

TronWatch Desktop is openSource on Github

Windows Wallet [First Place of the Tron Contest link]

MacOS Wallet

Linux Wallet

TronWatch Mobile [ iOS & Android ]is currently under development and will be released soon you can follow our progress on Github.

5. List of Team Members & Pictures

  • Antoine Portaria / Founder Back-end Developer
  • With a little more than 12 years in Software Development, Antoine’s main focus is to find fresh and innovative ideas to make the Tron Community a better place. Blockchain has always fascinated him since he had first heard about it. By utilizing this technology, Antoine helps to create outstanding applications and services.
  • Sebastien Nolin / UI/UX Designer
  • Sebastien has been a UI/UX Designer for more than 15 years. He specializes in improving the production process, utilizing design and layout techniques to improve positive user interaction, and advocates the use of talents and team accomplishment in order to complete all types of projects in a timely manor.
  • Tayler King / Back-end Developer
  • The youngest member of the team Tayler. He is a very intelligent developer who has been developing Web Applications for more than 8 years. He found interest in blockchain technology 3 years ago and started to learn all he possibly could about it. He has worked on multiple applications that scaled to thousands of current users and is confident in his abilities.
  • Robert Valentyne / Back-end Developer
  • Robert has diversified experience in general websites, web applications, mobile development, and blockchain technology. He helps aid the team in anyway he can and is a crucial part to bring products to life.
  • Tommy Pudel / Front-end Developer
  • Excelling in Front-End development, Tommy has worked as a fullstack web developer for the past 4 years before taking a focus on frontend development. Taking each project he touches to the next level, Tommy is always looking for new tech to make the job both better working, and better looking.
  • Martin Hoffman / Co-Founder Back-end Developer
  • Martin has 15 years of development experience in many areas of programming. He comes from a video-game influenced background and will focus on building’s API backend, along with developing a wide range of DApps for the Tron network.

6. Team Intros

Our team consists of members from all around the world. We have decades of combined experience regarding enterprise development and networking services, along with many years of experience in designing, building and distributing blockchain applications.

The TronWatch team was formed over a year ago, specializing in global blockchain solutions. Each member has a crucial role to play in the development of the TronWatch organization, and not only has an exceedingly adequate background in cryptocurrency-related development, but also in the sustaining of such applications. We thrive to build a better community for Tron.

7. Community Promotion Efforts

With a focus on writing DApps and solutions for Tron, we aim to organically improve the usability and general health of the Tron Community.

More information will be discussed thoroughly at a later time (to be edited).

8. Testable Nodes

We have had a testable node running for a couple weeks already. It is currently used by the TronWatch wallet backend and can be reached at or

9. Plans for Hardware Expansion

During the initial launch, we will be using the same server we’ve been using to run our node for our wallet backend.

After June 26 we will migrate to the described AWS servers (seen below under 12. Server Configuration) and scale everything accordingly to keep up with the network growth.

10. Server Location:

The main node will be hosted in the AWS eu-west-2 region, in London.

The backup node will be hosted in the Google Cloud eu-west3 region which is in Frankfurt.

11. Server types:

Cloud-hosted servers.

12. Server configuration

Main Node:

x1e.32xlarge (AWS)

3904.0 GiB Memory, 128 vCPUs, 3840 GiB (2 * 1920 GiB SSD), 25 Gigabit

Backup Node:

The main node will be hosted on AWS, backup node will be hosted on google cloud. This will allow us to operate even if one of the two biggest server providers has an outage.

13. Budget Expenses

  • 25% DApp development
  • 20% Node Hardware
  • 20% Taxes and reserves
  • 15% TronWatch Desktop & Mobile Wallet development
  • 10% TronWatch API backend infrastructure cost and development.
  • 10% Marketing



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