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Election Manifesto of TRON Super Representative — — Zadea

1. Site

our super representative page in

2. Team Info

ZADEA is an IT consulting and ISP company focused on design and maintenance of IT platforms.

We think we are one of the best options to support TRON because we know what we do and we own the entire infrastructure needed by TRON.

We believe that decentralization needs a complete control over the node, what happen if a big cloud company suddenly stop to publish or ban tron nodes?

What happen if a country with more than 1 node decides to ban TRON?

Decentralization mean survive to any ban, any disaster and to achieve this, we think, that witness nodes need to by spread among the maximum number of country and provider as possible, always maintaining the complete control over the node.

We can run a node here in the best country of the world: Italy
Let us create blocks with Italian strength and passion.

3. Social media influence

4. Community Support Plan

We plan to publish as much video as we can explaining what is TRON, how to support Tron running nodes and how to run a java node from any OS. Many people have wallets and coins but they ignoring that a miner (witness node) it’s just one piece of the puzzle, decentralization means never stop to create new nodes.

We’ll publish on Facebook and Google+ polls to decide with our voters how to grow and also the conditions of our nodes.

We’ll made all in main language (Italian) but also in English.

We’ll plan annual meeting around Italy in IT fairs

5 .List of team members & pics

Manlio De-Angeli: CTO y founder

Simone Zambolin: CEO y founder

6. Team info

Manlio De Angeli: founder and CTO of ZADEA, more then 12 years of experience in IT sector. Expert in storage, networking and virtualization environments.

Simone Zambolin: founder and CEO of ZADEA, more then 7 years of experience in IT sector, expert in linux like environments

7. Livestream

Our first live stream about TRON SR can be found here:

8. Meet up

Our intention is to start from professional sector, we are professional and we will participate in at least 1 big IT fair every year. We will put TRON name near the big brands of IT sector

9. Community promotion efforts

We will dedicate at least 100k $ every year to support our community and other 100k $ to project, this will be the minimum guaranteed amount, if we get benefits during the first 2 years they will be invested in support our community, after 2 years (maybe one, it depends on how TRX will grow in the market) we think we will cover all infrastructure deployment costs (take a look at our ambitious Plan for hardware expansion at point 11. ) so the benefits for the community will increase exponentially.

What we want to see in our community?

We want to see projects: every month we chose project rewarded with a prize in TRXs , if there is no candidate we put the reward in next month prize.

We want to see enthusiasm: we will reward top 10 voters every week.

We want to see news: we retweet all news from TRON Fundation and encourage our followers to the the same.

We want to see your opinion: we will start with the mentioned actions, but the community will always decide how to best promote itself. We will use our social channel to take survey on how things are going on.

Helping community

We will create a subsite in our official site to help users build nodes, use wallet, votes SR, etc.

The site will be a way to organize our video and articles in our channel to help user starting in TRX and blockchain world.

10. testable node:

We already have a testable node on our IP: (

11. plans for hardware expansion

Phase 1: Upgrade Witness node to recommended configuration in our datacenter (Novara)

During first month we will upgrade witness server and internet connection to:

Phase 2: Adding Full nodes in our datacenter (Novara)

In 2018 Q3-Q4 we will add 3 full nodes with the following config, in this phase we will use full nodes as failover for our witness server,

Full node HW:

  • 32 x cpu core
  • 24 TB SATA
  • 512GB RAM
  • 25 GB/s

We will also deploy hardware appliances against DDOS attacks.

Phase 3: Adding Full node in external datacenter (Turin)

In 2019 we will add a second datacenter in Turin (Piedmont capital city, 110Km faraway from our datacenter) with the same config. as the first one.

Based on our monitoring, we will configure automatic failover for our witness node.

12. Server location

Our server is located in one of our datacenter in Italy, as IT professional and ISP we can chose among different datacenters with easy access for us.

13. Server type

We will use one dedicated physical server in our clustered virtual environment, the physical server will be part of an hypervisor cluster, and we will use a VM to run the node.

The DataCenter is protected by UPS and External Generator (Diesel)

14. Server configuration

HP Proliant

32 x core Intel Xeon

2 x nic 10GB/s

10 TB SSD (raid 5)

1 Gbps bandwith on primary ISP transit into INTERNET EXCHANGE from Turin (TOP-IX) and 100Mbps on secondary backup by TELECOM out of peering IX node.

15. Budget

Until 26th june: we have the following expense budget

  • actual server 30.000–35.000 $
  • license for VM : 3000–3500 $
  • housing a rack in our datacenter: 1500$/month
  • Rack, Switching, networking , firewalls, etc: Included in housing plan

In phase 1 (July-August) : upgrade to new server and reach 100GB/s to IX peering (25Gb/s it’s not an option, we can chose only between 10 and 100Gb/s)

  • 100Gb/s network cost per year: 100.000$
  • new server (we cannot expand more actual server) that accomplish requirements : 70000–80000$
  • Housing: 1500$/month for 1 rack

In phase 2 (q3-q4): Adding Full node in our datacenter and DDOS protection

  • 3 x new server as full nodes : 3 x(30000–35000$)
  • 2 x DDOS prot. Appliance: 40000–45000$

In Phase 3 (2019): Adding redundant datacenter at more then 100Km far away

  • 100 GB/s network cost per year: 100.000$
  • new server that accomplish requirements for a witness : 70000–80000$
  • rack Housing: 1500$/month
  • 3 x new server for full nodes: 3 x(30000–35000$)
  • 2 x DDOS prot. Appliance: 40000–45000$
  • license for VM : 3000–3500 $
  • Rack, Switching, networking , firewalls,etc: Included in housing plan

Other costs

Community support: $100,000 / year
Project support: $100,000 / year


Estimated budget in July — December 2018: 400–450K $ (datacenter upgrades)

Estimated budget in 2019: 500–550k $ (redundant datacenter in Turin)

Depending on TRX price fluctuations , we will dedicate benefits to community and advertising , or in case of price fall, we will lower the number of planned full nodes.

Kind regards,



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