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First 100k Reward for TRON LOAN Disbursed

The TRON Foundation launched the TRON LOAN program two weeks ago, aimed at supporting community developers by funding promising projects and expanding the TRON ecosystem. Each selected project will be awarded with a 100k loan to help developers with subsequent R&D and operation efforts.

Since project launch, we have received almost 100 applications from the global TRON community. After careful deliberation, we have selected the first TRON LOAN winner —

The team developed a cold wallet product TronVault, which TRON Foundation awarded with a 100k TRON LOAN. This app is available on the Google Play store:

Transaction records:

TronVault Cold Wallet is designed to be one of the most secure apps to store TRX for long-term and short-term holders on iOS and Android.



Implemented Features:

· Offline password encryption

· Offline seed encrypted store

· Master key restore process

· Receive Transactions with QR Code

· Bip39 seed recovery

· Multiple accounts

· Account restore with seed + vault number

· It cannot create transactions

· It does not have network permissions (no threat of network-based hack or transmission of secure keys directly from the app)

· It will store the secret encrypting the database file on disk with AES-256+SHA2 by supplying a key typed by the user

· Sign transactions offline with copy/paste buffer

· Created with React Native


· Sign and Return transactions offline via app deep links

· Easy third-party apps integration API (via deep links)

· Store user KYC data in an offline way

· Enable user to share KYC data with approved partners

· Become a digital identity application for TRON

· Desktop Version (Windows, MacOS, Linux)

Github Project Link:

Project Demo:

TRON Foundation has disbursed the first 100k TRON LOAN, making the first TRON LOAN winner. Our review panel is currently working through applications submitted by various team and projects.

The TRON LOAN program serves to encourage the global community to explore, build, and innovate with us and enrich the TRON public blockchain network. Whether you are a TRON supporter or developer, a team or individual, everyone is welcome to participate. The TRON Foundation will provide 100k TRON LOANS to help you discover your brilliance.

Although’s project has room for improvement, we recognize the effort and commendable work ethic of the team — project qualities that we want to promote. We hope the 100k TRON LOAN will help continue optimizing their TRON-based cold wallet project. TRON welcomes other outstanding teams to participate in the TRON ecosystem and receive support.

The TRON LOAN program is an official TRON project aimed at changing the status quo. The program does not seek commercial gain, nor does it set stringent review requirements and project limitations. We hope the funding support will help incubate more innovative, high-quality projects. The TRON LOAN program focuses on innovation and participation.

We are currently accepting TRON LOAN applications. Please send your applications to

Application requirements: Product must be at demo stage or beyond. Meticulous projects aimed at long-term development within the TRON ecosystem preferred.

Applications materials: Product description, project demo (including but not limited to product link or APK)

Once an application has passed review, the corresponding team will receive a 100k TRON LOAN.

Loan Repayment Methods (Select One):

· If the developer’s project completes a new round of financing, the loan of USD$100,000 will be converted to its equivalent in equity, at 80% of the company’s new valuation amount. [USD$100,000 / (0.80 x New Valuation)]

· Loans provided through TRON LOAN will be interest-free for the first 18 months. The developer shall repay the principal balance of USD$100,000 within 18 months.

(Loans will be disbursed immediately upon project selection. Repayment unnecessary in the case of project failure.)



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