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How To Build A TRON DApp

Launched in 2017, TRON is an ambitious project that aims to decentralize the internet through blockchain technology and decentralized applications. Within one year, TRON has built one of the largest, most reliable smart contract platforms. TRON’s Independence Day took place on June 28th, 2018 as we rolled out a network that is better for developers due to its speed, low fees, and massive scalability. Keeping in line with our mission of decentralization, the TRON network is governed by 27 Super Representatives that are voted in by TRX holders.

Since the launch of MainNet, the TRON Virtual Machine, and a full suite of developer tools, engineers can easily deploy smart contracts and build new DApps. Applications enjoy a wider variety of ways to be deployed in TRON because of the network’s scalability and highly effective smart contracts that allow for high efficiency and infinite possibilities.

Learn How To Build a DApp on the TRON network!

1. Setting Up your Account Before Developing Your Idea

Understanding how to use TronLink, Shasta testnet, and testnet TRX

2. Installing the Necessary Development Tools

Learn how to use TronBox and the commands

3. Build and Configure the DApp

Learn the inner workings of how to build your own DApp

4. Next Steps and Details

Learn how to code in Solidity, write smart contracts, and more.,,,,

5. Network Performance and Words from the CEO

TRON is connecting thousands of developers across the world through its consumer-focused ecosystem based on blockchain, cryptocurrency, DApps, and leading peer-to-peer file sharing products; respectively TRON, Peiwo, BitTorrent & µTorrent.

The company consists of over 300 employees with offices in Beijing, San Francisco, and Singapore. As TRON continues to expand rapidly, we are looking for more people with a passion for decentralization to join an ambitious team.

Learn more about TRON on our website and our social channels:



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