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Justin Sun Joined Chinese Exclusive TRX Diamond User Group to Announce Big News

February 20th, 2020, TRON’s autonomous, exclusive user group TRX Diamond invited Justin Sun, founder of TRON and CEO of BitTorrent, to join the group for a chat. It was exciting that Sun was able to have a close-up interaction with the users, and we should expect his presence in the group on a regular basis in the future, sharing with us the latest update of TRON and BitTorrent!

Following is Sun’s chat with the users:

I. What do mainstream financial industry practitioners overseas think of cryptocurrencies?

We know that TRON’s international community already enjoys a steady growth. Starting this year, we plan to enhance the operation of our domestic community. This group gathers those who made their decisions with their money, so it is my hope that you would provide us with your advice and constructive criticism, so as to help us build a better domestic community. TRON is dedicated to surpassing Ethereum and EOS and becoming the public chain of users’ choice. Let’s hope we’d be able to witness such progress together!

This year, we will be bringing more exciting news. The bear market did not stop us, and the bull market certainly won’t, so get excited! Exchanges wise, we reached a strategic partnership with Poloniex, and we hope you guys would check it out. For TRON users, Poloniex will be like your home away from home. In the future, the VIP customer service of Poloniex will be integrated to TRON, hopefully making Poloniex one of the best exchanges in the world and restore its glory of 2017!

Let’s put it this way, since our partnership with Samsung, we’ve been frequently approached by other global giants. I was just talking to a representative of a company at least five times bigger than Samsung. Their public image has been a doubter of crypto and recently banned a few crypto apps. However, they now want to work with us and humbly trying to understand the development of blockchain. I demonstrated a couple of TRON apps and recommended them trying the apps out. I didn’t see this day coming, but it’s really happening.

A strategic partnership takes time. It will take a while before there’s anything to announce. We spent a year on the partnership with Samsung and poured tons of effort in this, but I believe as long as companies like Samsung are recognizing the value of TRON, it’s only a matter of time before the word gets out to the whole world.

When I said I wanted to give Buffett some TRX and Bitcoin, major media didn’t take me seriously. They didn’t believe Buffett would accept them and thought it was just a pipedream of mine. Who would have thought Buffett not only accepted the tokens but also were interested and asked me about how to use them. Mr. Buffett is the epitome of those who truly understand the value and meaning of cryptocurrency.

From knowing to understanding then to using, it’s a process. It also took Mr. Buffett quite some time to know, to understand, eventually to practice investment. I hope we could all be patient. Think about it, if Mr. Buffett has no interest in cryptocurrency, would he have had dinner with me? A dinner like that will feed the media, he would have known that. After the dinner, many companies under his leadership also approached us for potential partnership. Mr. Buffett is the biggest stakeholder of American Express, Wells Fargo, and JP Morgan. His opinion matters a great deal to them.

So I think it’s crucial to get along with people in mainstream finance like Mr. Buffett, because once mainstream enterprises and companies get to see Mr. Buffett standing shoulder to shoulder with a frontrunner in the crypto industry, they will recognize the potential of crypto. Right after my dinner with Buffett, several companies under Mr. Buffett expressed their willingness to work with us. I won’t mention their names. There was, for example, this huge company comparable to Samsung in its performance and market cap and one in which Mr. Buffett holds shares. Also there was a bank comparable to ABC (Agricultural Bank of China) and ICBC (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China). They all hoped to work with TRON. These are stories I want you to know.

One thing for sure is that our future is bright. It’s such a pleasant experience to know so many people who are willing to learn about cryptocurrency. Unlike what you may presume, neither Mr. Buffett nor the executive of the company that’s five times bigger than Samsung considers cryptocurrency as a fraud and so refuses to learn about it. On the contrary, they modestly asked me every detail about crypto to learn more about it when I was chatting with them yesterday.

They asked me about interfaces on TRONSCAN, DApps and smart contracts, things that are rarely noticed by many. They paid attention to every tiny detail including the intention behind a product, the meaning of a string of numbers or characters, or the mechanism behind block production and consensus. They were highly focused and modest, taking notes now and then to soak up all the knowledge. It dawned on me at that moment that we’re working on something magnificent. Don’t you think so?

They came to us for our fame, undoubtedly. We no longer need our business development team to reach out to companies for collaboration, because companies reach out to us via emails or their friends. You need to go through such a process where you first learn from big companies and try to understand, then practice what you’ve learned and invest on your own.

As an old Chinese saying goes, ducks know first when the river is warming. As a frontrunner in the blockchain industry, I, too, have felt the warmth and passion from people to embrace the crypto industry. But personally I feel one needs to go through a process from learning to investing and understanding. My advice is to stay patient and live each day as we were in a bull market, because people feel the urgency to get more things accomplished in limited time during the bull market. At the same time, let’s make the best use out of the bear market and accomplish as much as possible with a down-to-earth spirit. In a nutshell, work as if it were the bull market during a bear market, and make the most out of the bull market.

II. Why do blockchain influencers collaborate with TRON only?

The bear market in 2018 and 2019 hit us all. Many projects collapsed or closed down. Many People got no work to do. But TRON has been an exception. There wasn’t one day we didn’t go the extra mile to get as much work done as possible.

Think about it. People like Blockstream CEO are real big names in the Bitcoin industry. It’s no joke: many of them have been delving into this business for over ten years! We always say people are lying when they talk about over ten years’ Bitcoin experience. How could there be so many experts in 2010, right? But these people got great influence because they are truly that experienced. They won’t risk their reputation talking nonsense.

So why do they choose TRON? They stake their decade-long reputation on TRON. Take a few minutes to let that sink in. Don’t believe in those downright smears saying that these people show their support for TRON just to belittle Ethereum, a major competitor of TRON. Like I said, among so many competitors of Ethereum, why do they only support TRON? Why don’t you think it over?

I believe TRON owns legit technology. This is not me being arrogant. Top developers for Bitcoin and BitTorrent also acknowledge it, show their support and vote for us on public platforms. I’m happy to see that.

III. Why do top-notch developers parise TRON?

Rumor has it that those top Bitcoin developers speak highly of TRON simply because they hate Ethereum. Suppose they have a point. Suppose these developers shout out to TRON just for the sake of playing down Ethereum. But why do they only praise TRON when there are so many public chains out there? Likewise, one may say a person got promoted because he is close to his manager. But why is this person promoted when the manager has so many close friends? Think about it. In my opinion, these top-notch Bitcoin developers support TRON because they truly believe in TRON’s technology. Otherwise, why do they bother?

One more thing I have to say. Accusing TRON of not having legit technology is absolutely groundless. Who has the biggest say in this blockchain world? Bitcoin developers for sure, who are at the tip of the technical pyramid in this industry; and BitTorrent developers. BitTorrent is the largest decentralized protocol in the world and is highly respected in the entire decentralized industry. Now even their engineers are under TRON’s umbrella. Just a while ago, Bitcoin developers, Blockstream CEO and Head of Technology all voiced their preference of TRON over Ethereum in public.

IV. Why is BTFS Mainnet such a hit?

Now let’s talk about BTT. BTFS Mainnet v1.0 is about to come live next Wednesday or Thursday! BTFS will outperform IPFS, which makes BTT more valuable as it is the only token fully supported on BTFS. BTT has already wowed the public with its use case in BitTorrent Speed. Now even BTFS accepts BTT only. In a word, it’s just exceptional!

In the future, we will see large numbers of decentralized applications choose BTFS over IPFS. Frankly speaking, IPFS loses the moment BTFS is on, just like how Blackberry and Nokia quitted the game when Android entered the field. Next week, I’ll show you a demo of our new products and take a look at what applications will start to use BTFS and how, as well as the BTFS marketing strategy.

I will coordinate to see if we are doing it in English only or in both English and Chinese. The English community has got my reply. Quite simple. It’s just that three SRs had been refusing to upgrade the network, so we used the Zion account (It’s not voted by the Foundation, because the Foundation does not vote in principle) that stores the Genesis TRX which are used in exchange for TRON ERC20-tokens.

We also voted out SRs who failed to upgrade in time or fulfill their SR obligations in order to complete the network upgrade. We have withdrawn all the votes from the Zion account about three hours ago upon the upgrade. So in every way, this is a successful upgrade for the TRON network.

V. What to do during the bear market and the bull market?

Towards the end of our talk, I would like to encourage our Diamond Users to be patient and embrace the blockchain industry. To take myself as an example, I entered the cryptocurrency industry in 2012 when there were few players. I thought I would just make quick money and leave. But as I delve deeper into this industry, I now truly believe that it is the future of finance and even a societal revolution so profound that I failed to realize at the outset.

That’s why I never sell the bitcoins I bought since 2012. Actually, only once because I had to keep my companies like TRON and Ripple running and pay my employees. I’m not exaggerating when I say that blockchain is a cause worth lifelong devotion from our generation.

For me, I am planning to commit myself to this cause for the rest of my life. Therefore, from a lifelong perspective, we should lay out an extensive plan, as Zhu Yuanzhang, founder of Ming dynasty, did with his “dig deep for defense, stock up on sustenance and bide your time to claim the throne” strategy. Steady progress will ultimately secure TRON’s throne in the industry. But we have to have the patience to take the market bit by bit. To begin with, we need a long-term strategy.

I feel that we should all be patient and move forward one step at a time. Now that the bull market is coming, there is no need to hesitate. We have never slacked at work even during a bear market, in which Bitcoin plunged to $4,000 or $5,000 while we worked as if it had been a bull market every day.

VI. What’s the work like at TRON?

I’d like to add another point. At TRON, we have long achieved the goal that employees work in distributed locations across the globe. Dubbed as “The Sun-Never-Set Team”, TRON has a set of global offices located in every continent of the world, including America, Europe, Asia, etc., on which the sun never sets and our people work tirelessly. Let alone TRON communities, which are spread in every corner of the world and work 24/7. This is what life and work is like for people at TRON.

We all know that we are blessed with such precious opportunities in this era. This is a once-in-a-life chance for us. I hope everyone can cheer us along every step of this long journey, and be a witness to blockchain’s development as well as TRON’s growth.

We will do more live-streamings of this kind in Wechat community groups. Promotions in TRON Chinese communities, including Wechat groups, Weibo, Toutiaohao and Douyin, will be one of our top priorities this year. Meanwhile, there will be more live-streamings focused on TRON products and updates in the crypto world.

I will see you all next week in a live-streaming on BTFS.

Last but not least, I encourage all of our Diamond Users to be more outspoken, and raise issues that need to be addressed at TRON. We will improve and address them accordingly. For example, we heard users reported that access to TRONSCAN was not stable in China. We would love to hear more feedback like this. We really want to hear your voice and your concerns instead of praise. The crypto world is a fiercely competitive space, and we need your feedback to constantly urge ourselves to respond to issues in the first place so as to grow stronger. I would really like to hear your comments and suggestions. That’s also one of the important reasons why we set up this group.

This is very identical to the current situation where medical staff are racing against time to save patients at the front line. We share the same spirit at TRON — making the best use of every second to make important achievements and advance the blockchain industry. This is how we feel and what we do everyday. That’s all for tonight! Talk to you next time!

FYI, we also have TRX Whale Private group on Telegram for English users.

So far, we have received over 200 applications to join the exclusive groups. Any TRX-holder who is interested in joining the group, please follow the steps:

1. Add any one of the admins @luciahu @TronLive @TRONkevin @PiterSpain @TRON_EN @TRON_Korean @TRONVN @TRON_Iran @TRON_Denis @TRONArab @TRON_JP

2. Send a screenshot of your account with at least 100K TRX to verify

3. Admin will invite you into a private group




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