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Jun 26, 2018 · 8 min read

On June 25, 2018 (Singapore time), TRON’s team held a livestream event for the official launch of TRON’s Independence Day public blockchain mainnet.

TRON has initiated its mainnet at 10 am June 25th 2018, and this initiation was completed by TRON Independent Group (TIG). TIG is a community consensus-based group, consisting 27 anonymous, volunteering Genesis Representatives (GR). During the transitioning period when the GR are being replaced by other SR, TIG will be in charge until this process is complete.

In the global livestreaming event lasting 12 hours, the total number of viewers of TRON community reached 1.67 million. Many TRON community supporters participated in this event to celebrate this historic moment. At the same time as the livestreaming, the official online store launched a limited-time promotion of 9.9 yuan for all products, with the first 10 buyers getting a free TRON Independence Day medal. Over 3,400 products are sold in total.

In order to celebrate TRON mainnet launch and Independence Day, a number of TRON super representative candidates came to the scene to give speeches, including Cryptodiva, Bixin, OCN, TronOne, DAG, Cobo, Bitcoinworld, Game, Lianjinshu, GSC, HyperPay, Gifto, Bitcoin God, D2F and Tron Galaxy.

TRON’s mainnet launch process includes four major phases: Preparation, Guardian Phase, Genesis Phase, and Constitutional Phase. (completed and uncompleted)

Stage 0: Preparation

On June 18th, SR candidates were invited to participate in TRON Foundation’s mainnet launch rehearsal on June 20.

On June 20th, during the mainnet launch rehearsal, TRON Foundation was obliged to score the performance of candidates during the rehearsal and select candidates with the most outstanding performance to become GRs, who were responsible for network startup and initial network protection.

To ensure security, 27 SRs will not publish their information such as IP address.

Stage 1: Guardian Phase

On June 24th, 27 GRs with outstanding technical skills selected by the community built a guard network, pre-deployed GR nodes of TRON mainnet, and waited for the final mainnet start-up.

Stage 2: Genesis Phase

On June 25th 10:00 am (GMT+8), TRON Foundation selected a GR as a Genesis Boot Node (GBN), which started promptly to initialize network parameter in order to create genesis blocks. Then the 26 GRs joined the genesis network. Finally, the twenty-seven GRs reached a consensus, TRON mainnet officially launched, marking the arrival of TRON Independence Day.
GRs only have a hundred million TRON Power (TP) by default. Once a Super Representative candidate obtains over a hundred million TP, it will replace the GR and become a node that has the right to be elected — a TRON Super Representative. The TRON network will enter the next phase once all the twenty-seven GRs are replaced by Super Representatives. (The official website will display a progress bar showing GR->SR replacement progress, the percentage of the entire network voting, etc.)

Stage 3: Constitutional Phase
After all 27 SRs take over governance of the TRON network, TRON mainnet will enter the Constitutional Phase, where the system is co-governed by the entire community. The elected SRs will accept the responsibilities of governing the mainnet and providing support for subsequent SR elections, which are held every six hours.

During the livestreaming on TRON Independence Day, Justin Sun, the founder stated: Currently, TRON team is fully developing and updating the TVM (TRON virtual machine), which is expected to be launched on on July 30th. The new version will be improved in terms of ease of use and security, aiming to fully support developers in developing smart contracts efficiently and securely. The final virtual machine middle layer realized by TRON will be compatible with EVM and EOS virtual machines in sequence, attracting more developers to the TRON network and finally building a richer TRON ecosystem.

TRON’s project has been rapidly developing with an all-inclusive business model. It is the fastest-growing project in the blockchain industry based on its trading pairs and exchanges listed in the global market. People say that one day in blockchain is one year in the real world. Well, one year in TRON is ten years in the real world.

December 28, 2017, we had our first open-source code and a team of ten.

March 31, 2018, we launched our testnet with a team of sixty.

May 31, 2018, when our mainnet was launched, there were two hundred people on our team.

June 26, 2018, TRON Independence Day (token migration)

July 31,2018, our TVM will be released.

Currently, we have completed the development of TRON’s public blockchain Odyssey 2.0, launched the mainnet, and adopted TPOS, an improved DPOS mechanism, which has allowed TPS to break 10,000. In the last 2 months, we have made 2,153 commits, ran 384 unit tests, and created a more secure and stable version of the public blockchain through bug fixes and stress tests.

In addition, our team have made a lot of innovations on public blockchain parameters, including token freeze model, token bandwidth model, and token innovation model, which allows users and developers to participate in TRON’s ecosystem with enhanced security and convenience. We will release our own pluggable VM (TVM) at the end of July. In the latter half of this year, we will launch TRON’s decentralized database, which is currently in stealth. Stay tuned.

Not only did we officially launch the mainnet, we have also witnessed the rapid growth of TRON’s community with more active participants. In the meantime, TRON’s market value continues to grow and we are having stronger global impacts with exuberant business. Justin Sun, TRON’s founder, has more than 500k followers on Twitter!

This precisely depicts TRON’s vision: to establish a global ecosystem for developers. In this system, each participant plays their own part based on their strengths. So far, we have hosted events such as programming competitions, Bug Bounty, Crowdin Translation Projects, and the TRON Accelerator Loan, with rewards for outstanding participants in these events.

Participants in the May 2018 Crowdin Translation Project has completed translations in 33 different languages, with a total of 121 translators. TRON values each effort made in building our community. We welcome more supporters and believers to participate in our events.

Moreover, the increased activeness of TRON’s community and various incentives offered by TRON have brought about more DApps. We have received extensive attention from members of our global community since we announced the details about the launch of our public blockchain mainnet. We are glad to see that so many outstanding individuals and organizations have engaged themselves to our mission of building a global TRON network.

The Chrome wallet made by Jake Lin has been widely recognized by TRON and our community supporters. The TRON Chrome Wallet, which has been released by TRON’s official website, is specifically designed for TRON’s network, compatible with Chrome’s extensions. Users can check account balance and real-time updates with the wallet, receive TRX by using a QR code, send TRX and other tokens, and complete transfers and transactions. They can gain Tron Power by freezing TRX, in order to vote for Super Representatives. Additionally, TRON Chrome Wallet supports token issuance and participation of the issuance.

Besides the launch of TRON’s public blockchain mainnet, the migration of TRON’s official token, TRX(ERC20), has also become the center of attention. We are fully prepared for the updates and migration of TRON’s network. The plan is to convert the current ERC20 tokens to the cryptocurrency on TRON’s public blockchain, after TRON Independence Day on June 25, 2018.

Platforms that currently support TRON’s mainnet token migration are as follows:

Our team will continue to update digital asset transaction platforms for TRON’s mainnet migration, in order to accommodate with our global communities and token holders.

Common users only need to deposit their ERC20 tokens to published exchanges that support the migration; when the time comes, the migration will be completed automatically without further actions.

We would like to call on the aforementioned exchanges to announce your support for TRX migration as soon as possible. The technical documentation for the migration is

You can also contact We will provide assistance as soon as possible.

We have also set up platforms that will continuously support TRX migration:

Users can deposit TRX ERC20 token to Binance or, it will switch to TRX token automatically, you don’t need to do any other operations, it can help users avoid losing the chance to migrate tokens and keep the safety of digital assets.

Besides technical and community enhancement, TRON Foundation has also established a partnership with Shift Markets in New York City, United States on June 4, 2018. Both parties will work together to introduce TRX trading into the biggest currency market of the world. So far, TRX has been listed in more than 70 exchanges in 9 countries across the world. In the upcoming weeks, TRX will be officially listed in the first exchange regulated by the British government. In addition, JM Financial, a leading regulated foreign exchange in India, will become the first exchange that lists TRX in India.

As of now, TRON has officially activated the operation of its blockchain mainnet and the genesis block has been produced. Let’s get ready for an outstanding, decentralized TRON community!



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