Learn about BitTorrent, the new TRON Super Representative candidate

BitTorrent is an SF-based internet technology and consumer software company. It’s founder, Bram Cohen, invented a p2p communications protocol back in 2001 that still remains the largest and most popular decentralized protocol in the world. The company distributes technologies that scale efficiently; mainly consumer software applications for Windows, Mac & Android that are used by over 100M users. The apps enable users in over 138 countries to send large files over the internet through the popular BitTorrent peer-to-peer sharing protocol, maintaining a thriving economy between users and legitimate third party content providers.

BitTorrent’s long-held core belief of a decentralized internet are inline with TRON’s values and the collaboration between BitTorrent and TRON is sure to contribute to an internet that is better and brighter. In being a candidate for the TRON super representative, BitTorrent hopes to share in a great revolution — to make the Internet more democratic, free and decentralized.

BitTorrent is perhaps the most qualified super representative candidate as it runs an extensive infrastructure to support a massive worldwide user base, and its team is comprised of the most experienced in decentralized protocol technology.

Site & social media:

Members of the team:

Dave Rees
VP, Engineering in Engineering 
San Francisco, CA

Tyler Wilmoth
Team Leader in Engineering 
San Francisco, CA

Bommuraj Paramaraj
Team Lead IT Operation & Hadoop Specialist 
San Francisco, CA

Available Infrastructure:

CPU 72 Cores, RAM 1TB, SSD: 3T
Network:25 gbs
Available IT Budget: $120,000