Mainnet Launch Livestream 5/31 Recap

May 31st ushered in a new chapter for the TRON Foundation as the world witnessed the much-anticipated launch of the TRON mainnet. This milestone set in motion Odyssey 2.0, an exciting and important stage in TRON’s road map to “decentralize the web.” The mainnet launch was given a livestream for the millions of TRON supporters around the world, where important topics about the accomplishments and future goals were discussed.

TRON Founder, Justin Sun, led the live stream with some important announcements regarding the TRON mainnet release. The evening started off with acknowledging the hard work and tireless efforts of the TRON development team. TRON development worked 12-hour days, 6 days a week to complete the mainnet process in only three months, compared to the 30 months it took Ethereum. Along with finishing the mainnet launch in a much shorter timeline, TRON was able to produce Transactions Per Second (TPS) speeds of 2000 TPS, compared to Ethereums 25 TPS.

The work accomplished by the development team — to ensure a hard sprint to the finish — was clear in the past seven days as TRON was ranked #1 in commits with 253. The effort put forth by the development team can be seen on TRON’s Github (

As we approach the June 25th token migration, also known as “TRON Independence Day,” we look at our final departure from Ethereum’s ERC-20 token as the TRON TRC-20 coin will become the new standard for the TRON Foundation. TRON supporters will have a seamless migration of the TRX coin, which will allow for a safe and easy way for users to convert their tokens. All the major exchanges will be assisting TRON holders in this process. Listed below are the exchanges that will be helping with the token migration.

Exchanges supporting the token migration as of 6/3/18

TRON’s Project Genesis will be a huge part in the growth of TRON’s network with the launch of the mainnet. Community developers will have the opportunity to be a part of a reward program of up to $2 billion USD. Tron Accelerator has already awarded loans for DApps that will be created on the TRON platform, and with the mainnet launch, from June 1st to June 24th, the bug bounty reward program is open to all, with rewards ranging from $10,000-$100,000 depending on the severity.

Hackathons will be coordinated by TRON to test vulnerabilities in the network, while the Programming Competition has already seen massive amounts of activity from the community developers. With millions of dollars in rewards for the Programming Competition, TRON has seen 42 teams, with hundreds of developers from 14 different countries create 43 wallets and develop 16 block explorers. With a 30% weekly increase, TRON is proud of having the most active developers in the blockchain industry, and on June 5th will announce the outstanding infrastructure Apps that will run on the TRON network.

On June 26th, TRON will hold the Super Representative Election, where TRON supporters will have a chance to participate in a true democratic process of electing block producers who will maintain the governance of the TRON network. So far, there has been over 60 representatives that have applied to run in the election. TRON’s Super Representative election candidates range from blockchain companies to community groups, showing TRON’s support for a diverse election, for the people, by the people.

The upcoming roadmap for TRON is full of new developments and implementations. With the mainnet launch complete, TRON can now begin to build on its own platform. Q2 saw the release of the mainnet, with an improved DPoS, better performance in scalability and security. In Q3, “Odyssey 3.0,” the TRON Virtual Machine, known as TVM, will be launched on July 31st, this will give developers the ability to develop smart contracts on the TRON mainnet. In Q4, “Great Voyage” will see the launch TRON P2P network and features like multi-sig and sharing. To increase the stability and performance of the network, in Q1 of 2019, “Great Voyage 1.5” will see the integration of Node Sharding for Super Representatives.

With the success of the mainnet launch and the token migration right around the corner, there will be many new resources for TRX holders. The updated TRON website ( will give users the ability to access items like the “State of TRON DApps,” a user-friendly layout of DApps that run on the TRON protocol. Here TRON users can have access to an aggregated list of all of their favorite DApps that use TRON as their hosting platform.

Other site features include the TRON Block Explorer. The Block Explorer will allow users blockchain browsing, node map, SR search, voting and TRX market info; it also supports search for address, block height, token id and token.

The TRON mainnet launch is just the beginning of many exciting things to come for the TRON network, users, developers, and supporters. With constant growth of our team, contributions from the community developers and accomplishing each step in the roadmap, the expansion of the TRON ecosystem will continue to grow each day. With the support and effort by everyone to create and launch a successful mainnet, we are excited to bring both the community, and the world, so many new and innovative ways to use blockchain technology.