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Opensource Wallet DApp by German Developer Marius Gill, Noble and Good

PROJECT GENESIS, which was launched in March 2018 to motivate TRON’s community engagement, offers a bonus pool of 2 billion dollars. Many active members around the world have lent their hands.

In May, Marius Gill, a 19-years-old German developer who started programming at the age of thirteen, caught the eyes of TRON foundation.

Before learning about TRON’s Programming Contest and working 12+ hours a day on the project, Marius Gill had allegedly quitted programming for more than a year. The result is a multifunctional wallet DApp based on TRON protocol that combines cold, hot and watch only setups. What’s even better, it displays a series of block data.

As he has stated, the project means special to him and he is not doing it for financial reasons. He will finish it whatsoever, with or without money.

The team of TRON thinks highly of Marius Gill’s work and has encouraged him to work on iOS. Informed that Gill didn’t have any iOS devices, the team introduced him to TRON LOAN, another community promotion program that promised an amount of USD$100,000 so that he would complete and improve on this DApp.

In fact, the Programming Contest is anything but stingy. Only that Marius opensourced his project immediately it was done, making himself a generous tutor to free-riders and weakening his status to win the big fat reward in an unfair way.

However, the young German is rather cool with that. “The chance of award is less significant to me than getting involved and sharing experiences with peers in the TRON community so that I get more time for test and optimization. To get it better. That’s why I made it opensource early.”

In doing this, he has basically forfeited all short-run benefits and made a long-term contribution to the decentralized world of TRON. The nobility has deeply moved all members of TRON and reinforced their faith in the overwhelming appeal of decentralization.

Marius Gill has received a 100,000-dollar TRON LOAN, and his Tron Wallet is now available on Google Play.

You can get it at

Tron Wallet is a multifunctional wallet designed for TRON network. It gives you the possibility to interact quickly and easily with your account or to keep your TRX and other account data safe in a cold wallet setup. What’s more, it features Hot/Cold switch and offline signing mechanism, making it much safer than other digital asset managers.


This app is designed for the TRON Mainnet, which is still in the test phase.

Do not send ERC-20 tokens to your address, they will be lost forever!

Tron Wallet is a multifunctional wallet designed for the TRON Network. It gives you the possibility to interact quickly and easily with your account to keep your TRX and other account data safe in a cold wallet setup.

Video Guide:


Create Wallet

l Encrypts private information with a password

l Create a private/public key pair

l Create a 24 words recovery phrase (human readable private key recovery phrase) (BIP39)

Import Wallet

l Import with your private key or a 24 words recovery phrase

l Or Import public address only (watch only setup)

Wallet Functionalities

l Check balance (TRX, tokens)

l Toggle market price view

l Check frozen amount

l Send TRX and tokens

l Receive using QR code

l Freeze TRC to get votes and bandwidth

l Submit votes for representatives

l Offline signing mechanism with QR code scanning

l Participate in token distribution

l Manually set your node connection

Block Explorer

l See latest blocks

l See latest transactions

l See representative candidates

l See connected nodes

l See token distributions

l See accounts

l Search filter

Wallet Setups

Watch Only Setup

l Import only your public address

l Completely safe because no private information is accessible

l Full overview of personal account

l Creates unsigned transactions (used in combination with a cold wallet setup)

Hot Wallet Setup

l Owns public and private key

l Full overview of account

l Full access (sending, freezing, voting, …)

Cold Wallet Setup

l Minimalistic and safest wallet

l Owns public and private key

l Never connects to the Internet (to be completely secure, the device should be cut off from Internet)

l Signs transactions (from watch only setup)


TRON LOAN, proposed by the TRON Foundation as a revolutionary approach to extend and enrich public chains, aims to support excellent and novel community projects financially instead of rejecting promising developers in the name of return prospects and other eligibilities or bossing them around. Creativity. Participation. They are the keywords of TRON LOAN.

Send your application to if you are interested.

Requirements: at least DEMO. Should demonstrate rigorous work ethics and the desire for a long-term partnership with TRON to build a community-centric ecosystem.

An application for loan should include a description and a runnable sample (including but not limited to download link and APK)

Each project will receive USD$100,000 after passing the evaluation.


  1. If the developer’s project manages to get another round of investment, the loan of USD$100,000 will be converted to equity of the start-up by the percentage of [USD$100,000 / (0.80×New Valuation)].
  2. Otherwise, the loan is due in 18 months with no interest.

All rights of interpretation of TRON LOAN are reserved to TRON

Tron Foundation

18 May 2018



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