Reward Announcement of the May Testnet Bug Bounty

Testnet Bug Bounty Rewards Results

During our testnet phase, TRON offered a Testnet Bug Bounty reward to the developers reviewing our open-source code on Github and reporting bugs.

TRON’s Bug Bounty programs aim to discover potential technical vulnerabilities on TRON’s network and bring together our community members, especially those knowledgeable about Blockchain technology and network security.

We received tremendous support from all around the world; and we are very grateful for this momentum of participation! We hereby announce the rewards of the Testnet Bug Bounty.

Congratulations to 15 outstanding contributors!

This reward announcement bears no relevance to the Mainnet Bug Bounty Program, as these two programs are different in terms of reward amount, scope of bugs and evaluation criteria.

TRON Mainnet Bug Bounty Program

Through June 24th, TRON will offer to its community the opportunity to participate in the Mainnet Bug Bounty. The detail of the Mainnet Bug Bounty are available on our Github.

The highest reward of USD$10 million, announced during our Mainnet launch on May 31st, is still available. We will announce the results shortly after the end of the program.

For more information about the Bug Bounty program please visit our website