SUN Network DAppChain Developer Documents: Overview

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Aug 16 · 2 min read

1. Sun-network Project

Sun Network Plan is an expansion plan for TRON main network ecosystem, including smart contract application oriented side-chain(DAppChain), cross-chain communication and other expansion projects. DAppChain is a side-chain project of TRON, which focuses on providing unlimited capacity expansion for the whole network. DAppChain is also designed to provide a low cost system for user and help DApp to operate safely and efficiently on TRON.

2. DAppChain Features

DAppChain is the first product of Sun-network Project. The chain is compatible with TRON main-chain, and fully support smart contract with low consumption, high security and high efficiency.

2.1 Compatible with TRON main-chain

The side-chain uses the same DPoS consensus mechanism as the main-net and support almost all functions on it. TRON main-net users can easily switch to the side-chain, developers can also quickly transplant or develop new DApps on the side-chain.

2.2 Highly customizable side-chain

DAppChain is committed to providing a highly flexible, well-configured, highly customizable multi-side-chain system for all eco-participants. Highly customizable is also one key feature different from the main-chain.

2.3 Increase higher TPS for the ecosystem

TRON main network supports multiple side-chain connections, which means TRON ecosystem can increases its TPS infinitely. According to the TPS peak 2000 on the main network, the whole TRON ecosystem TPS can reach 2000 * SideChainNum with the increasing of side-chains numbers.

2.4 low consumption

Under the same circumstances, the resource cost on the side-chain is only half or even much more less than the main network. This can help DApp developers reduce development and operation costs. Low consumption is also aiming at attracting small developer teams to participate in the ecosystem construction.

2.5 Safe assets migration

The first phase of DAppChain use DPoS mechanism for consensus. Gateway contract and Oracle relay nodes ensure the transaction efficiency and asset security on-chain and cross-chain.

2.6 Complete API and developer toolset

We provide a TRON network compatible toolset, which have all the functionality of a developer need to build his own DApp on DAppChain. And we also provide new cross-chain APIs to help reduce developer learning costs when deal with cross chain operations. The SDK have both Java and JS version for developers to choose.



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