The first batch of Tron Accelerator Loan recipients

This does not interact with current Tron Accelerator online DApp competition starts from Dec 1st to Jan 5th.

The first Tron Programming Competition has been successfully concluded and the result announcement has already been made, but we are still communicating project optimizations with the contestants and continue to give out TRON Accelerator Loans. We encourage all contestants to further improve your projects. We also welcome more developers and developer teams to join TRON ecosystem, adding your work to our collection of outstanding DApps.

The first batch of Tron Accelerator Loan recipients include a developer team and two individual developers. Congratulations to the following contestants:

Rovak’s project is the best block explorer in the competition, widely recognized by the community for its complete functionalities and guarantee of great user experience.

The wallet developed by Getty/IO is an innovative exploration into wallet security. Although it did not win an award in the competition, we truly appreciate its innovative spirit and unique perspective.

Actively engaged in the competition, the developer team, KENT, was highly responsive and created an outstanding wallet. We value their attitude and hope to inject a similar vitality into our developer community to maintain a great vibe for technical exchanges.

We highly appreciate their contribution to Tron ecosystem. For unawarded projects, you can continue to make further optimization to your projects, for we will also continue to approve more loans for other outstanding projects, so stay patient and stay tuned!

With openness and candidness, Tron ecosystem embraces all blockchain enthusiasts and developers. Though the programming competition is over, Tron Accelerator is still in progress. If you have well-developed DApp for Tron’s mainnet, please contact us for Tron Accelerator program. If your project qualifies, we are happy to offer you a loan. Meanwhile, if you find interest in developing DApps on our mainnet, we welcome you to join our technical discussions and exchanges.


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