The New Announcement of the winning SRs of TRON 50 million TRX Giveaway

TRON Foundation
Jan 3 · 3 min read

With the adoption of №22 and №27 Proposals, TRON network’s new incentive mechanism officially has come into effect. To thank SRs for their remarkable contributions, in November 2019, TRON Foundation rewarded community SRs with 50 million TRX, hoping to see their continued effort in maintaining a healthy TRON ecosystem.

About the giveaway:

1. Total rewards: 50 million TRX

2. Eligible recipients: TRON SRs
SRs who are GRs, cryptocurrency exchanges or staking service providers are not included in this campaign.

3. Deadline: 20:00, Nov 30, 2019 (SGT)

4. Rules for rewards distribution
The SR will receive his/her share of rewards in proportion to the SR’s blocks as a percentage of the blocks generated by all participating SRs since the Genesis Block.

5. Claim your rewards
SRs need to submit claiming requests via Google Sheets to TRON Foundation including in their requests the team information and contributions they have made to TRON community in terms of technological innovation, ecological construction, global impact and community operation. SRs found to have undermined the community will be disqualified. After distributing rewards, we will announce the results through various channels.

The rewards will be sent to SRs’ current block generation addresses by default. If a SR needs to change the receiving address, please email us your new address and the reason for change. We will examine carefully.

Now the application for rewards is closed. SRs will be disqualified for prize in the following conditions:
1. SRs who did not submit the application by the deadline (Nov 30, 2019, SGT)
2. SRs who did not contribute to the TRON community or had malicious acts

The first round of comment period ended and the second round has begun after TRON Foundation processed the comments and appeals received. Eligible SRs are shown below (sorted by the amount of TRX rewarded).

Announcement of processed appeal:

On Jan 15, 2019, Tronstronics team changed its name to smartrealestateXRE due to security issues, and changed its SR address while continuing to contribute to the TRON community.
TRON Foundation did not include smartrealestateXRE on the list of winning SRs for the first round of comment period, for Tronstronics applied for the rewards in the name of smartrealestateXRE, under which no block has been produced.
During the comment period, materials submitted by Tronstronics in the appeal combined with community feedback have proven that Tronstronics and smartrealestateXRE are indeed the same team. Therefore, Tronstronics will be added to the list of winning SRs and the rewards each winning SR is entitled to will change accordingly.


1. If you have any questions related to the winners or rewards, please write to before 24:00, Jan 6, 2020 (SGT).

2. If there is no objection, TRON Foundation will distribute the rewards in 10 working days after the 2nd announcement period (from now on to 24:00, Jan 6, 2020 (SGT) is over.

3. TRON Foundation reserves all rights for the final interpretation of the event.

TRON Foundation

January 3, 2020



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