TRC10 token name will no longer be unrepeatable after Jan 5 2019, 6:00:00 AM UTC

The proposal “Allow Same Token Name” is currently under review by super representatives and will likely pass on Jan 5, 2019 at 6:00:00 AM UTC. The effect of this proposal is significant and will effect all community members utilizing TRC10 (basic) tokens, (i.e. IGG, SEED, TWX, TronWatchMarket, etc.). From this point on TRC10 tokens will be allowed to be created with the same token names as currently existing tokens.

The impact of this is that token names can no longer be referenced as the sole identifier for a token.

Developers are currently working to update applications, trading platforms and wallets to ensure as smooth a transition as possible. We ask that community members take the time to understand that TOKEN ID will now be the proper identifier for all tokens. Developers are taking all necessary steps to update DApps to utilize this new identifier, please enquire with each application developer should you have any questions on their incorporation of this new standard.