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TRON 4.0 Online Conference: Edward Lee — VP Product & BD of Poloniex: Rise of Time-Honored Exchanges

Hello, everyone! It’s a great pleasure to introduce you to the TRON 4.0 conference today. My name is Edward Lee and I’m the VP of product and business development at POLONIEX. Today I would like to cover our team from POLONIEX who is working full speed trying to make it great again and our alliance with TRON. So if you’re in crypto, I’m sure you have heard about POLONIEX before. People who have not heard about Poloniex, let me give you a brief introduction.

Poloniex has been one of the longest standing exchanges in the industry and it has been consistently one of the top exchanges throughout the year with a long history. Poloniex has gone through an acquisition and a spin-off, I would like to start from the spin-off.

I would like to talk about this today. And how we have been growing and building a better product for our users since November of last year.

So the Poloniex team has been thriving to offer our customers the best in class features and services. Let me go over some of the work that happened in the first half of this year. We have been working with Blockchain products to offer the newest listings and IEOs and have been accumulated in more than one hundred markets. We provide in more than 180 markets. Never put your crypto to sleep. We have found ways for them to earn more passive income through lending and saving and not only have we been working on adding assets but we have improved our fee structure to be the most competitive across all the industry.

We have also started our own referral program so that users can share benefits with their friends and our partners have new revenue models for their media and platforms.

We also have been offering nonstop competitions and campaigns to continue the excitement that is going on at Poloniex. We also provide an easier onboarding experience and allow better localization, not only language but including the acceptance of local IDs for KYC.

We have started a VIP program for our traders where we offer the best in class priority support for our traders. This is just the first half of the year that all of this actually happened. So there are so many reasons to join the excitement in Poloniex and also work with us. From the beginning effort, our team reported this year. And from the support of our customers and our partners, we were able to see tremendous growth. This growth has been compared to 2019, it has been phenomenal. We have been seen in more than a multiple of 2.4 times of trading volume, comparing it to 2019, and also, our user growth has been happening to be doubled since our spin-off since we turn to focus more on our global audience.

So there are a lot of developments that were made. But let me highlight a couple of new features and new looks. So we started with onboarding where users can easily sign up with their email in seconds, you can be a user and join the excitement that has been going on for several months now.

We have started to receive local registration IDs and driver’s licenses for Korea, China, Japan, and other countries to make the onboarding experience much better. We also have launched a referral program where you can invite your friends, share the rewards. And this doesn’t limit to only the users. It also extends to our partners and we have been starting to work with our partners on this referral program with different media and content providers and platforms with users. So if you are interested, please reach out to us at and we would love to talk to you.

It’s not only the onboarding experience. Poloniex has been continuously adding new assets for our users to trade. So this year, we have already listed 58 assets and we’re coming up. These assets cover the hot DeFi asset, the leverage tokens and different kind of stablecoins, and many more assets. If you compare us to the last 2019, the whole year, we already listed more than 15 times the magnitude so we’re moving fast and we want more interesting projects to work with.

So if you have an interesting project, that should be on Poloniex, please apply for listings through our listing form which we basically monitor very regularly and we will be contacting you.

You can easily find it through our hub center. Although the user experience — so we have been constantly listening to our users and we have been doing surveys and talking to our users for countless hours.

Last week, we have made a big update on our page. This may look very new to you if you haven’t been using Poloniex recently but another reason to come on board and check it out today.

We also are investing our wallet experience where users can easily check your crypto balances and also find out ways to earn more through lending or staking. We will be expanding our offerings so you can basically see which asset you can earn, how much in terms of APR throughout, and whether it’s lending or staking and we’re trying to basically offer more.

One other thing is we have launched the Poloniex launchbase which is a token launching platform that helps projects grow out their ecosystem. The first token we launched was JUST and the results were phenomenal! We have seen since then, more than 7.5 million traded in the first 24 hours and basically the price increased even after 3 months, it is still keeping the 3.5 marks.

And what is amazing is that the attempt to buy the JUST token was 27 times higher than the purchase price and we sold out in less than five minutes.

We’re eager to talk about more projects that will be interested in growing their ecosystem with Poloniex and we would be really happy to talk to you.

So we have been shipping hard and we have something exciting to share this week! We’re proud to present that Poloniex is launching Poloniex futures and the data is coming out this Friday, July 10th. If you go to our Twitter and follow, retweet our announcement, and tag friends, we’re going to be eligible to win the first competition of our campaign of 500USDT. And that’s not it. As you follow, you’ll have more to come in terms of campaigns and competitions which we have plenty to share.

And we’ll have more excitement. So we talked about what Poloniex had been doing throughout the 6 to 7 months after the spin-off. But I also want to cover a little bit about the alliance with TRON and the special partnership we have been continuing to support the TRON ecosystem.

So when Poloniex, basically you would have the best rates for TRX, BTT, and wink safety. You also have utilities where you can basically get a discount of 25 percent of trading fees by paying NTRX. We also created a trading section for TRX so we have more than fifteen and it’s coming up so it’s more of a liquid market with TRX.

We are also giving out Wink and JUST monthly airdrops for TRX holders so just more benefits for the TRX holders.

You can participate in launch space by paying TRX and we offer lending and margin trading for TRX. And we acquired Poloniex DEX and we have been working with Poloniex DEX projects to list on the Poloniex platform.

So we are trying to make a virtual cycle, an ecosystem throughout the TRON ecosystem so there is a more seamless way to provide better liquidity and to grow the projects with us. There are more integrations and more benefits for the TRON ecosystem coming out on Poloniex.

And there’s one more thing. So right now if you go on to Poloniex, you can win from a 20 percent up to a 50 percent discount of TRX. So the first five hundred customers will win a 50 percent discount up to — 1500, the maximum, you can get a 20 percent discount.

So don’t wait and come on to Poloniex. If you haven’t signed up or don’t forget if you forgot your password, just come on board and it’s only seconds to get on the platform, and please join the excitement. Thank you!



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