TRON and MOSHROOM Join Hands to Bring Life Changes with Blockchain

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3 min readAug 9, 2018


Recently, TRON has formed a strategic partnership with MOSHROOM, a leading portable smart toilet supplier in China. The two partners will work on blockchain technologies, especially cross-border settlement with cryptocurrencies. With MOSHROOM’s outstanding innovation in portable smart toilets, the cooperation intends to provide better bathroom experience for ordinary people across the world.

How to provide better bathroom experience for ordinary people has always been a difficult problem for governments across the world, especially those of developing countries. However, lacking in budget and planning, public toilet facilities in developing countries have always suffered from problems such as poor hygiene, pollution, and health risks. To solve these problems, MOSHROOM’s innovative one-set portable toilets are equipped with flush-free toilet fittings and a solar power system. These toilets are able to work without external supply of water or electricity. Besides, features like supportive intelligent lock, ads light box and vending machine provide a balance between commercial application and accessibility for mobile Internet technologies.

Supported by the Chinese government, MOSHROOM has placed dozens of portable toilets on the streets of Beijing. As TRON has been dedicated to improving lives of ordinary people through blockchain technologies, the cooperation will allow MOSHROOM to gain technical support for mobile payments, especially on the cross-border front.

Justin Sun, founder of TRON, said, “Blockchain technologies are not out of reach for ordinary people. A technology is only worthy when it is able to improve people’s life. The mobile Internet technology has already changed how we live in terms of getting information, mobile entertainment, as well as e-commerce. TRON strives to do the same thing with blockchain technologies. Bathroom experience is a matter of health and dignity for each and every one of us, but it hasn’t received the attention it deserves in many countries. TRON hopes to help MOSHROOM improve bathroom experience for more ordinary people in developing countries, with a focus on cross-border payment settlement. We would like to make sure that this project continues in an effective and healthy manner with a good business model.”

“Public toilets are not merely a project for public welfare. On the contrary, the project won’t last long if it is non-profit. We hope to adopt a reasonable business model to provide quality bathroom experience with an affordable price for ordinary people across the world, especially those from developing countries. Since currency systems vary from country to country, it’s not an easy job to popularize our portable toilets around the world. Therefore, we are happy to work with TRON, one of the best in the blockchain community, and promote our project with the help of cryptocurrency,” says Cosmos Wu, founder and CEO of MOSHROOM.

It’s reported that TRON and MOSHROOM will first promote portable toilets in Southeast Asia and India. The usage and payment of the toilets will be enabled by blockchain technologies.