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TRON Hackathon Great Voyage Embarks! !

Great Voyage :TRON 2021 Global DeFi Hackathon Launches with $10 Million Developer Fund!

2021 marks the fifth year since the inception of TRON. To commemorate this occasion, TRON Foundation is offering a new hackathon program as part of the $120 million TRON DeFi Entrepreneurial Alliance Support Program.

In Q1 2021, we will focus on enhancing the TRON DeFi ecosystem, TRON Parachain slots auction and powering SUN with the SUN Network.

In order to promote the organic growth of the TRON DeFi ecosystem and encourage DeFi innovation in the community, the TRON 2021 Global DeFi Developer Hackathon, with an aggregate bounty of $10 Million, which will kick off on Feb 3rd, 2021. In doing so, the foundation hopes to encourage more entrepreneurs and development teams to participate in building the TRON DeFi ecosystem.


All blockchain/smart contract developers, product managers and designers are welcome to sign up for the contest. Contestants who finish developing an open-source DeFi project on the TRON network before the deadline will be viewed as eligible participants. The contest is also open to any existing DeFi project under development on TRON or other blockchains, as long as it meets the requirements.

Meanwhile, we are recruiting for the judging panel comprising expert developers and community KOLs. Interested applicants are welcome to contact us at

Entry categories:

Lending, DEX, payment, protocol interfaces, infrastructure, analysis & visualization, stablecoin, insurance, NFT, computing power-based mining and BTFS.


Registration: Feb 5th, 2021 — Feb 28th, 2021

When registering, contestants are required to specify the category of the entry, project name and complete the registration form. It is advised that contestants give a detailed description of their project in the form. Given that some projects may take a long time to develop, applicants who miss the TRON 2021 Global DeFi Developer Hackathon will be enrolled in the next one in 2022.

Pre-screening: March 1st, 2021 — March 7th, 2021

The contest organizing committee will screen all entries in live streaming, and qualified contestants or teams will enter the next stage — development.

Development: March 8th, 2021 — May 1st, 2021

The organizing committee will hold weekly conference calls with development teams, where contestants are given an opportunity to update their progress. We are also open to new registrations during the development stage.

Final review: May 2nd, 2021 — May 8th, 2021

The final review panel will comprise experts, KOLs and a public review board, whose scores account for 40%, 20% and 40% respectively of the final score. Experts and community KOLs will be scoring the entries in live streaming, while public reviewers will vote with TRX and SUN. The full score is 100 points, and projects with 80 points or more can get [Justin’s Incentive Prize] of $50,000.

Public review board: Community members can choose projects that they are interested in and use TRX or SUN for voting .


1. Participants are required to develop DeFi projects on the TRON network.

2. When developing, developers must use tools including but not limited to JustSwap, JustLink and TronGrid, and store source code on Github.

3. Complete registration in time. After passing initial screening, contestants should disclose project progress as required, otherwise the entry projects will be disqualified.

4. Entry projects must observe relevant laws and regulations of the countries where the project team registered.

5. To attract wider participation in the contest, we encourage participants to team up in the contest, where each offers their own set of expertise, like product design, coding, UI design, etc. Therefore, individual participants can send descriptions of their own expertise, the qualification they need and Telegram ID to the official email address. We will match individual participants according to their own skillsets. In this way, people who would like to devote themselves to blockchain entrepreneurship will also be able to enjoy the charm of decentralization.


Total prize pool: 10 Million USD

[TRON Special Prize (shared by 1 winner)] 500,000 USD

[First Prize (shared by 5 winners)] 1 Million USD

[Second Prize (shared by 10 winners)] 1 Million USD

[Justin’s Incentive Prize] 50,000 USD

On top of regular prizes, Justin will also give out [Justin’s Incentive Prize] with 50,000 USD to every participant whose project meets the judge’s criteria (the final evaluation scores 80 points or more).

The special prizes, first prizes and second prizes will only be given out if there are eligible entries. In the case of no application or no eligible entry, the corresponding award will be cancelled and the prizes will be accumulated to Developer Challenge 2022.

On top of prizes, awarded projects will receive additional support including but not limited to:

1. Listing on Poloniex and other exchanges supporting the TRON ecosystem;

2. Fast-track listing on TRON-powered DEXs such as JustSwap and PoloniDEX;

Awarded projects will be featured on a dedicated page. Users can stake SUN to vote for their favorite projects, and the most voted project will get extra exposure and the chance to receive funding from TRON Foundation .

3. Included into the DApp section on TRONLINK and other TRON-supporting wallets with featured banner;

4. Gaining traffic from 2 billion users on BitTorrent and Utorrent clients;

5. Promotions on Justin Sun’s Personal Social Media, TRON social media, and other official accounts of TRON Foundation.

How to Enter:

1. Join the Discord community at

2. Fill out the application form at

Contact us:


The final interpretation right of this event belongs to the TRON Foundation.

About TRON

TRON is committed to promoting the decentralization of the Internet and is dedicated to building the infrastructure for a decentralized Internet.The TRON Protocol, one of the largest blockchain-based decentralized operating systems in the world, offers scalable, high-availability, and high-throughput support that serves as the foundation for all decentralized applications in the TRON ecosystem.The Protocol also uses an innovative, pluggable smart contract platform to improve compatibility with Ethereum smart contracts.

Additional resource

TRON Developer Guide:

TRON Foundation




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