TRON merchandise is available on Crypto & Proud

TRON Foundation
Sep 7, 2018 · 2 min read

Crypto & Proud is a crypto lifestyle store and it creates modernly standardize apparel and accessories for the global crypto community. Currently they offer 9 crypto collections with plans to constantly expand our collection offering and also launch our original collection.

Right now Tronics can buy TRON Products using TRX on Crypto & Proud. The first TRON Basic collection is available right now! As our partner, Crypto & Proud will expand the collection with more TRON Merchandise and create their own unique products for TRON. We are really looking to work together! Stay tuned!

Crypto & Proud mission is to spread awareness for crypto projects and ideas by bringing it into everyday lives of crypto supporters around the world, in a trendy and stylish way. Crypto & Proud understand their audience comes from wide circles of life and Crypto & Proud aims to provide something to all of them. From teenagers to traders, they all share crypto excitement.

Besides working as a store Crypto & Proud is able to provide merchandise partner support and complete larger orders for their client’s team, business partners, supporters, community, influencers and others. Crypto & Proud ships internationally with tracking and accept over 50 crypto currencies in store and for their services.

Also, Crypto & Proud offers promotional support for crypto companies through events like digital fashion week which is a one week campaign where Crypto & Proud together with their partner promote their branded products on all our social channels.

Official website:



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