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TRONICS all over the world

Recently,TRON team got many pictures and videos about TRON made by TRONICS. There are already one million supporters all over the world. TRON communities and forums from US, Russia, Japan, Korea, Spain, Arab etc were also built. Hereby we decide to hold an event “TRONICS all over the world”, we wish you can use your creativity to bring TRON to everywhere of the world, let more people focus on blockchain technology and TRON.

Event requirements:
1. It must include yourself (welcome to invite your family,friends and pets together) and anything include TRON element.
2. You can take the photo at any place, especially the place of interest, like Greaet Wall, the Statue of Liberty etc.


How to participate:

The first Step: Please upload you photo on your twitter with #TRON# @Tronfoundation, or upload you photo to Instagram with #TRON# @Tronfoundation(Either is ok).

The second step: Send email to and attach your photo, your twitter/Instagram, your city and country.

The third step: Add TRON admin
and send your works to admin, you will be invited to a activity telegram group.

Note: Please keep your tweet and works until the event was finished, so that we can check your works to evaluate.

Time: 2018/4/16–2018/5/1

We will choose 10 most touching works from twitter and Instagram to post on TRON official twitter and each person will get 5000TRX as reward.
Every participant will get a surprise. We will make a TRX airdrop at 12:00(GMT+8) every night in telegram group for a week, people who send photos and videos in the group will have chance to get the TRX. (There will be 80000 TRX airdrop).

Evaluation criterion:

The works will be elected by official admins. TRON foundation remains the final interpretation of the event. Show us your sincerity and help spread it.
Note: Participants qualification will be cancelled if the works were found plagiarized.

Participation methods:


Event platform:

Korea Twitter: @TronEspana
Arabic Twitter: @TronArabic
Russia Twitter: @TronRussia
Telegram Chinese Group:
Telegram English group:
Telegram Korean Group:
Telegram England Group:
Telegram Russia Group:
Telegram Spanish Group:
Telegram American:
Telegram European:
Telegram Arabic Group:
Telegram Japanese Group:

Tron: Decentralize The Internet
With a degree from Hupan University under his belt, Sun’s main focus will be on expanding TRON’s global business. With offices already set up in San Francisco, Singapore, and Beijing, Sun will continue establishing new offices around the world, push for technical development, build a robust foundation for TRON’s global community, and help TRON form high-quality partnerships.
TRON is committed to promoting the decentralization of the Internet by creating key infrastructure. One of TRON’s products, the TRON Protocol, is one of the largest blockchain-based operating systems for decentralized apps. The system provides decentralized apps on the protocol with high-throughput, high-scalability, and high-availability support through TRON’s base-layer public blockchain. TRON will also support better compatibility with Ethereum smart contracts through an innovative, pluggable smart contract platform.
TRON’s public blockchain TPS is in the five-figure range, which allows it to support more application scenarios. TRON also maximizes incentives for user participation by providing free service and great rewards. The system is able to fulfill stringent high concurrency, low latency, and enormous data transfer requirements that come hand-in-hand with decentralized entertainment applications, while providing the best decentralized app experience to the average Internet user.
Developers can use the TRON Protocol and virtual machines to develop apps for themselves and the community, conduct distributed crowd-financing through smart contracts, and issue digital assets. The TRON Protocol currently operates DApps from CallMe, Obike, Upive,, Kitty Live, and Mico, with more than 100 million active users from over 100 countries and regions.
TRON was founded by Justin Sun, former Chief Representative of the Greater China Region for Ripple and member of the first graduating class of Hupan University. Sun was named Forbes China 30 Under 30 from 2015 through 2017 and 2017 Forbes Asia 30 Under 30. According to cryptocurrency authority, TRON’s official token TRX is one of the top 15 cryptocurrencies, ranked by market cap. TRX has a total market cap of USD$2.1 billion, a daily transaction volume of USD$250 million, and at least 500,000 token holders globally.




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