TRON’s progress over the past month — Marcus

First, Marcus reviewed TRON’s progress over the past month. Currently, as for Version 3.1, according to statistics, 90% of the nodes have completed their update, including exchanges and SRs. This has laid a good foundation for activating Version 3.1.

In addition, 26 out of 27 SRs have completed their upgrade. The last SR is conducting final review at the moment.

It’s expected that the TVM will be officially activated after the voting on October 8. By then, the 3 main features: the committee, the TVM and decentralized exchanges will be activated.

In addition, Marcus had also reorganized TRON’s development plan. TRON plans on having one small upgrade and a big one for each quarter.

The small upgrade mainly focuses on performance enhancement. It’s optional based on what you need. This upgrade will be completely compatible with the previous version.

As for the big upgrade, TRON will conduct upgrade on major features after communicating with the community. TRON will try to maintain its compatibility, but when accidents happen, TRON will speak with the community and release the upgrade via committee voting.

For Q4, TRON will release a small upgrade on November 15, and a big one at the end of December.

For Version 3.2, TRON will first optimize the performance of the solidity nodes. TRON will also use memory database as the default main database, which will enhance the performance and help with situations like node reboot, outage or other exceptions.

Additionally, TRON will have auto backup of the database and snapshot to prevent nodes from resynchronizing data.

In the meantime, TRON will organize logs and documentations so that community developers can join our development more easily.

In Q4, TRON’s big update will include the following features:

  • Account state, easier to spot abnormalities
  • FastSync function, for complex contracts, the fullnode is only able to verify results but not the execution process.
  • Multi-signature function and anonymous transaction function on the chain, TRON is looking into anonymous transaction and TRON will make it an optional function in Version 3.5.
  • TRON will add the BFT consensus mechanism to Version 3.5, increasing TRON’s TPS continuously.

Finally, Marcus talked about the progress of decentralization.

Currently, TRON is more decentralized than EOS and BTC, but TRON has plans to further enhance its decentralization.

In terms of physical decentralization, TRON will use mixed clouds and physical servers to further decentralize the nodes. Additionally, TRON will try to use its distributed storage capacity to store the TRON blocks in a distributed way through hash.

In terms of political decentralization, TRON will gradually improve the ability of the committee as well as the autonomy of the community.