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How TronWallet became TRON SR in less than 24 hours after announcing the new community plan

TronWallet is a secure peer-to-peer crypto wallet and exchange for TRON. Send, receive, pay, request payments, vote and participate in a new decentralized world. On TronWallet, users are able to securely store and exchange crypto directly on the blockchain.

TronWallet Team is proud to announce that from today on we are TRON Super Representative and we are already producing blocks. It just happened in less than 24 hours after our new community plan announcement, and it has been amazing to see how the community help each other.

To be fair, all of this happened not only in the past 24 hours. We made our first SR inroads back in September, however we could not make it to SR for a variety of reasons. But, stubborn as this team is, we learn, we partner, and we try again.

Becoming a SR is to write part of the Tron history

Becoming SR wouldn’t be possible without a strong community around to help, particularly without the help of the great people and our SR friends at CryptoChain, CryptoGuyInZA, TeamTronics and Sesameseed. Thank you for your support, let’s make history together!

A massive thank you to all our voters, we will represent you fairly and with a vision of helping create the future of the TRON network!

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