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TRONZ begins Largest Ever Privacy Protocol MPC to Set New Guinness World Record

An ongoing privacy protocol developed by the TRONZ team is now the largest MPC, which is a great accomplishment in the history of blockchain and sets the height for blockchain technology, at the forefront of the world’s most advantaged technology. The MPC, which has gained popularity and attracted a lot of attention, is also expected to set a new Guinness World Record.

TRONZ, the development team behind the anonymity technology of TRON’s main chain, has completed the deployment of the public testing and Testnet for anonymous transaction and will soon launch the anonymous transaction on MainNet. TRONZ is currently working on the MainNet MPC process, and will launch the MPC Torch Project around this MPC process. The project seeks to utilize zk-SNARKs-based anonymity to reshape the Internet. The ultimate goal for TRONZ is to improve the security and credibility of the setup and provide a set of fair and reliable parameters for the entirety of humanity.

What is MPC?

MPC (Multi-Party Computation) is a technology that enables different parties with private inputs to carry out a joint computation on their inputs without revealing them to each other to ensure data security and privacy.
MPC technology is designed to solve the lack of trust among participants that partake in the joint computation while protecting their privacy. Each participant will not get any significant information other than computing results. MPC features input independence, computing accuracy and decentralization, and plays an important part in scenarios such as threshold signature, electronic auctions and secret sharing.

TRONZ team

TRONZ team consists of experienced TRON community developers with master or doctoral degrees in cryptography and computer science from world renowned universities. The zk-SNARKs-based privacy protocol developed by TRONZ team is the safest, most efficient, and least resource-consuming privacy protocol in the world. Operating on the TRON network makes for its optimized efficiency and consumption of resources.

Future goals set for TRONZ

1. Realization of privacy protecting protocol for TRON smart contracts so as to safeguard private data of smart contracts.
2. Build a universal zero-knowledge proof-based platform and help TRON developers deploy zero-knowledge proof-based applications much easier.
3. Offer a blockchain-based MPC solution for private computing.

What is zk-SNARKs?

As the newest form of zero-knowledge cryptography, zk-SNARKs or zero-knowledge succinct non-interactive arguments of knowledge is the most popular zero-knowledge proof technology. Zero-knowledge proof is a cryptographic solution where the prover can prove to the verifier that he or she knows a certain secret without leaking any information of the secret. zk-SNARKs, as its name implies, is a succinct non-interactive zero-knowledge argument, which is able to validate any computing in a succinct, efficient and open fashion. This technology features non-interactivity, small validation size and efficient validation, which makes it best suited for blockchain and many other emerging technological use cases.

Breakthrough in privacy protection means a big stride forward for blockchain’s development. The study of privacy protocol injects indispensable nutrients to the blockchain ecosystem and lays a solid foundation for the advancement of blockchain technology. Built with the popular zk-SNARKs zero-knowledge proof technology of the time, TRONZ team has developed and tested the privacy protocol on the Tron network and will soon be released on MainNet.

zk-SNARKs needs a credible setup process, which is why Multi-Party Computation is required to generate safe parameters to ensure the safety and reliability of the entire process. Hence the birth of “MPC Torch” initiated by TRONZ.

TRONZ is dedicated to generating key parameters with the MPC technology and making MPC Torch the most participated MPC by the numbers! The results will not only contribute to the development of the blockchain industry, but also bring unprecedented improvements to the internet.

MPC Torch Project

Back in August 2018, 96 Zcash participants completed the Sapling MPC process. But we have the confidence and are poised to break new grounds with the MPC Torch Project, which is to be carried out on a much larger scale and aims to provide fairer and more reliable parameters for all of humanity! With an estimated 200+ participants, it is expected to become the largest MPC project with the greatest number of participants ever in human history.

2 Stages of MPC Torch Project

1. Genesis
TRONZ MPC process is based on the MPC parameters of Zcash, whose foundation implemented the MPC parameter generation process from May to August in 2018. This is the MPC Genesis.
2. Exodus
TRONZ MainNet MPC Project was launched on January 1, 2020 and announced on platforms including twitter and telegram, 8 technology enthusiasts have successfully participated as of January 12, 2020.

MPC Torch Project’s Contribution to Human Society

In honor of pioneers in privacy protocol, TRONZ is giving 100 American dollars to privacy protocol foundations for each participant (including but not limited to Zcash developers, Monero Foundation, GRIN Foundation, Beam Foundation, Dash Foundation). This is a display of TRONZ Foundation’s original aspiration as well as its ultimate goal — to give back to society.

Each of us represents only a tiny part of the ecosystem, yet we are an integral component of it. We will be rewarded for our contributions to the cause. After the contribution of every participant, the MPC result can be openly validated by any person so as to avoid parameters from being forged or tampered. Meanwhile, all participants can verify whether their contribution is included in the final parameters after the final MPC parameters are generated.

Ultimately, individuals power the collective — MPC Torch Project will be contributed to the entire humanity for free! With justice and fairness as its principle, TRONZ MPC Project will make sure that all of its computing processes are open, transparent and verifiable, and that it is open source and available for any project across in the world free of charge. Meanwhile, every one of us will be both contributors and users. Just imagine, when this set of parameters are applicable to all blockchain systems, and when the Internet is no longer weighed down by problems such as identity verification and AI training data privacy protection etc., what incredible heights will our human civilization be capable of achieving?

This is legendary, a privacy protocol masterpiece and an opportunity to make history. TRONZ MPC Torch Project is participated by an unprecedented number of users from more diverse geographicals and backgrounds that indicate stronger randomness. Great participation also makes it impossible to launch an attack on the MPC process, making the privacy protocol safer and more widely usable. By achieving the highest level of security and it promotes the wider use of privacy technology in the fields of blockchain, AI and more and the development of these technologies. Eventually, TRONZ MPC Torch Project will push privacy technology to the next level to fully safeguard users’ sensitive data.

Here we are to write our names in history, to confront the challenge of our time, and to seize this once in a lifetime opportunity in human history. We are all witnesses and creators of this crucial moment: the results of all participants will be permanently recorded on the blockchain and result of this MPC will be available to all zk-SNARKs projects. By contributing to MPC, you are supporting all later projects; by contributing to TRONZ MPC, you are doing your part in mankind’s exploration of privacy protocol.
MPC Torch Project has been officially launched by Justin Sun, founder of TRON, who joined the project as the ninth participant along with 8 others (Marco — TRON Family, Crypto Guy, Jason Neely, Dirk Frank, Dimitris Apostolou, Fbsobreira, Carsten Stöcker, Bruno Campos) on Jan 12, 2020. Motivated and supported by Justin along with many community members, MPC Torch Project has decided to extend its reach and embrace more users to witness this miraculous moment. A total of 200 participants including developers from the TRON community, blockchain enthusiasts, those from traditional industry, every day users and KOLs will all be deeply engaged in privacy protection and experience the power of blockchain technology. Together, let us join Justin to create miracles and set new Guinness World Records.

To participate in MPC, please follow this link:

TRONZ Foundation




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