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TRX mortgage lending platform is available for public test on TRON’s Nile Testnet

We sincerely invite you to join the internal test of the TRON TRX mortgage lending platform:
This platform is deployed on the Nile testnet now.
The corresponding Nile Tronscan browser is:
The project is currently tentatively named DeLoan (decentralized borrowing platform). The stablecoin (the price is soft anchored at $ 1, similar to DAI of MakerDAO) is tentatively named as CRD(full name: Credit). The platform management coin DLN (abbreviation of DeLoan) is mainly used as DeLoan payment of loan interest and a lock vote to modify key parameters of DeLoan (such as loan interest rates) to achieve decentralized autonomy. The core functionality of this project allows users to obtain USD-like stablecoin by mortgage TRX without trading TRX directly for USDT in their hands. The above DeLoan, CRD, DLN are the current tentative names.

How to use DeLoan Testnet


DeLoan is a decentralized TRX mortgage platform on TRON. Through this loan platform, users can lend stable currency CRD by mortgaged TRX assets.

The role of CRD is similar to USDT, except that the generation method is decentralized. The price of CRD is also softly anchored to 1 USD, the same as USDT. In the future, CRD can also be used to purchase other currencies such as BTC and ETH.

DLN is used for decentralized governance of the DeLoan system. Locking the DLN can get DeLoan’s voting rights on proposals, thereby updating key parameters of DeLoan, such as lending rates. In addition, DLN is used to pay loan interest.

The DeLoan platform can increase the richness of Tron ecology and promote ecological prosperity.


Note: This operating procedure here is a test version set up on the Nile test network, it will be different from the official version released in the future in terms of operation and experience. Currently only supports PC access.

Support access from TRON company intranet / VPN only.

1. Setup your TronLink Chrome Extension.

Log in to the TronLink plugin and switch to the Nile Test Network:

2. Apply for TRX and DLN test tokens


On this page, you can apply for TRX / DLN at the same time.

3. Visit the DeLoan beta website.


At this point, your TronLink address is displayed in the upper right corner of the page (make sure that the address already has TRX / DLN test coins).

The product is divided into three parts:

a). CDP Portal is used to pledge to generate stable coins and return stable coins;

b). Scan is used to view related data;

c). Vote (DeLoan ecological governance platform).

Click the left navigation bar or the corresponding picture to enter the product.

4. The CDP Portal

a. Create a CDP (collateralized debt position)

b. Enter the number of TRX to be mortgaged, and the number of CRDs you would like to generate (must be less than the number of CRDs that can be generated). When the mortgage TRX price is less than 150% of the CRD price, it will be liquidated.

c. Confirm the CDP generation information, and click the right arrow to show the steps of CDP generation. After agreeing to the terms of service, click Generate CDP.

d. After agreeing to the request of TronLink to mortgage the TRX test coin, it prompts that the CDP creation is successful.

e. Display information about the generated CDP.

Including the current number of relevant currencies in the CDP, the pledge rate, the fee rate, etc. ; the operating history of the CDP; the current assets in the wallet and the price of each relevant currency.

You can perform the following operations on the generated CDP:

1). Deposit: Continue depositing TRX test coins

2). Withdraw: Put TRX into the wallet that is not used to generate CRD

3). Pay Back: Return part of the CRD.

4). Generate: Pledged with unsecured TRX to generate CRD.

5). Close CDP: Close the current CDP.


1). Pay Back and Close CDP operations will charge a small amount of DLN as a stability fee;

2). When the unlock button on the right CRD or DLN is gray, TronLink will have an authorization request for CRD and DLN respectively in addition to the transfer confirmation pop-up window when the Pay Back, Generate or Close CDP is operated for the first time, and they agree directly However, the unlock state will be released. You can also click manually to authorize the currency and unlock it.

5. The Vote Module

Vote is the governance module for DeLoan, used to modify contract parameters like brokerage fee via proposal mechanism. User need to hold DLN and lock the token in Voting Contract to participant to the governance process. After that, token holder can vote for Executive or Polling proposal. Locking one DLN token can get one vote, and all vote should be used up for a single proposal. Executive means the proposal would like to be formal execute. And Polling represent a questionnaire voting proposal before Executive proposal to be created.

  • Click Voting Contract, you need to grant authorization from TronLink wallet, or you can manually click the “Set up now” button to authorize After authorization, you can fill in the number of DLNs you want to lock or extract on the right side.
  • Click Executive-select the execution proposal you want to vote on-confirm the pop-up box on the right-accept TronLink’s confirmation request. The process can be revoked at any time after voting.
  • Click Polling-select the survey proposal you want to vote on (Vote on Proposal)-select yes or no to indicate your opinion-confirm the pop-up box on the right-accept the confirmation request from TronLink. The process can be revoked at any time after voting.




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