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Update on the progress of technical application of TRON —made by Justin Sun

In this past month, TRON pushed forward the TVM launch as well as the MainNet update, with steady growth on all fronts. On today’s live stream, Justin Sun updated TRONICS with the progress of the TRON network and the TRON ecosystem on the following four perspectives:

1. The development of the TRON network and the TRON ecosystem

2. Plans for the future of the TRON network

3. A demo of our latest DApp

4. Progress of Project Atlas

In the future, TRON will have one to two live streams every quarter, to keep TRONICS updated with TRON’s latest progress, so that everyone can contribute to the TRON network and the TRON ecosystem in the best way possible.

The TRON network saw substantial progress in the past month, which is reflected in the following data:

· Total number of accounts on TRON network: 399,718

TRON’s total number of accounts is 20% more than that of EOS

Total number of accounts is 13 times higher than that on Ethereum, in the same period of 93 days post the mainnet launch

· Peak number of single-day transaction volume: 440,135

Peak number of single-day transaction volume is 49 times higher than that of Ethereum in the same period

· Average daily transaction volume: 146,041

Average daily transaction volume is 29 times higher than that of Ethereum in the same period

Community Governance

All 27 super representatives are running smoothly, and the TRON Foundation has sent out commemorative trophies to all SRs. Recently, BitGuild was elected as a new SR;

The SRs, along with many volunteers, organized several Meetups in China, U.S., Russia, Vietnam and Italy to facilitate a better understanding of the TRON network for many other developers and supporters.

The TRON Foundation completed its fifth coin burn and plans to burn 4,917,487,036.059613 (4.9 billion) old ERC20 tokens. Along with the previous coin burns, TRON will have burned 98012196741.9 (98 billion) altogether, taking up 98.01% of the total 100 billion TRX issued as ERC20 tokens.

Justin Sun’s Facebook page has also reached over 1 million followers.

Progress of BitTorrent

The uTorrent web under BitTorrent is launched and localized into Chinese. Now users in China can experience the best downloading service through uTorrent web.

Marketing Development

TRX/USD trading pair is now listed on Bittrex, a fiat-to-cryptocurrency exchange based in the United States, meaning that TRX’s fiat transaction is entering a new phase.

TRX was listed on the third largest exchange in Europe called BitBay, further influencing the European market;

Binance, one of the biggest digital asset exchanges, opened the trading pair of TRX/BNB;

One of the largest exchanges in South Korea, Bithumb, completed their TRX token migration.

In addition, quality exchanges and wallets including Kucoin, Exrates, Changehero, Abra, CobinHood, SatoWallet, Exdous, CoinExMarket, Bibox and CoinDeal have listed TRX subsequently. The value of TRX has continued to gain recognition.

Ecosystem Cooperation

The TRON network has cooperated with DapDap, DappReview and DAppworld to support developers in the developer community, online and offline activities, as well as marketing promotion, so as to support developers to roll out high-quality dApp content and enrich the TRON ecosystem as a joint effort.

The Blockchain Charity Foundation (BCF) and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) signed a cooperation agreement at the side meeting “Blockchain to Promote Inclusive and Sustainable Development’. According to the agreement, BCF will donate millions of dollars to UNDP, and TRON is one of the BCF sponsors.



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