What is TIG and What does it do?

TRON has initiated its mainnet at 10 am June 25th 2018, and this initiation was completed by TRON Independent Group (TIG). TIG is a community consensus-based group, consisting 27 anonymous, volunteering Genesis Representatives (GR). During the transitioning period when the GR are being replaced by other SR, TIG will be in charge until this process is complete.

The responsibilities of TIG entail:

1. Providing Super representatives (SR) with a fast track for TRX exchange. TIG provides candidates with TRX at earliest possible time so the candidates can file an application for SR.

2. Providing exchange services for major exchanges that support TRX token migration, so the exchanges will be able to provide TRX that’s based on TRON mainnet for TRON’s stakeholders.

3. For safety reasons, TIG was entrusted with the 342 million TRX held by TRON foundation. The TIG’s responsibility is to store them in a distributed manner so the risk of the asset is significantly reduced. The 342 million TRX will be stored in 1000 different addresses in order to minimize the risk. All the addresses will be announced within 3 days, and TRON will also provide an address tracker so the stake holders as well as the entire community could get first-hand information.

4. Organizing a 12-hour livestream starting at 10 am June 25th. It is live on Youtube, Facebook, Periscope, and Yizhibo, providing a platform for all the SR candidates and a channel for the community and stakeholders to receive the latest information.

5. Handing out a small number of TRX during the 12-hr livestream so the members of the TRON community could test the different features of TRON mainnet.

We’d like to extend our gratitude to the unsung heroes during the mainnet initiation- TIG.