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Why do i support TRX?【TRON essay competition】

by Mick Turner

Firstly I would like to confess that I am a relative newbie in the world of cryptocurrency; but aren’t we all at the end of the day? Although Bitcoin has been around for the best part of nine years the past few months have witnessed what is really the start of things to come, as the real world finally begins to adopt and accept Blockchain technology.

I have been reading up and educating myself, almost non-stop, on cryptocurrency and more importantly Blockchain technology since around about September of last year, a relatively short time in real world terms. Before that my knowledge was limited to a few articles here and there. The one thing that has become evidently clear to me, is that one month in the crypto world is like six months in the real world and if I am honest I feel like I have aged correspondingly with my small investments peaking and troughing like a rusty old rollercoaster ride that feels like it’s about to have total catastrophic failure at any minute. Well isn’t that why they are called thrill rides?

Well thankfully I am still riding it and can’t wait for the upgrade that stabilises this most rickety of platforms.

Somewhere on my journey I came across the name Justin Sun. Justin Sun is listed on Forbes Asia, 30 under 30, time to stand up and take note I thought.

Why listen to me? Well for starters I hopefully represent a new type of investor in the crypto market, I am just an average, middle aged, working class man from London that has an interest in technology that can improve all of our lives in the future. Once I discovered what Blockchain was all about, I was an immediate convert.

I am so far from being an I.T nerd or greedy stockbroker that if you knew me, then you would agree, that if I can be converted then anyone can.

Justin Sun was getting into the world of Blockchain and had a ten year vision of where he wanted to go and do. Revolutionise the internet as we know it and in particular the entertainment and social media side of it. Web 4.0 is what he was hailing. Goodness knows we haven’t even seen web 3.0 yet, but that’s where my psyche became more than just a little intrigued. I then proceeded to research a little further into it and the rest is history.

Do I personally believe in Justin Sun? Well why wouldn’t I? Apart from the fact that I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting the man, what I have found pretty astounding, is that in the short time I’ve had getting to know who he is and what he has achieved, I am impressed to say the least. I also appreciate his interactions and constant updates with the public on social media, FOMO or not, he gives followers of the Tron project a sense of involvement and comes across sincere and excitable about the plans for the project. For these reasons I have now become a true believer. There is something that seems evidently more altruistic in the nature of Justin Sun that his peers and the internet entrepreneurs that have come before him undoubtedly lack.

If Blockchain had a messiah surely he would be called Justin Sun.

Believe me when I tell you I am a born cynic, I consider trust and respect as something that has to be earned, so what is it about Justin Sun that is so appealing to a middle aged man from the London suburbs?

Well the answer to that question is a simple one word answer.


Tron is more than another pie in the sky cryptocurrency or Blockchain falsehood, it seems to have a lot more to offer than a money making ‘ghost’ commodity the likes of what Bitcoin has now become.

Tron is a vision of a fairer more autonomous internet that benefits and rewards the consumer, something that the world has been begging for. Bombarded with targeted advertising when we browse, shop, watch Youtube videos etcetera, algorithms are hard at work secretly building personal profiles that probably know more about you, than you do.

Where you on the 31st of September 2017 and what were you doing?

Don’t remember?

Well ‘Mr.Google/Mr.Apple’ and their contemporaries alike probably do. Even your every moved is logged and dare you take off the location setting on your handheld device, messages warning that your experience will be depleted and apps won’t work properly will soon blackmail you into turning it back on.

And there lies the biggest bear trap that modern society has had to accept, or they don’t get all of the benefits of their chosen platform experience. Use google chrome it’s quicker faster and safer. Really? Or just another bear trap? And for all of it, it is now our personal information that has become the true commodity of the internet.

Post something online that is your own artistic property and as soon as there is interest in it and the hits start coming in; who makes the money? Yes you guessed it! Not you….

Tron has a vision of a fairer internet and internet that rewards user content and gives control back to the people. I am not saying that Tron is the answer to everything but it’s certainly a great place to start.

Down with the Youtube and Facebook generation, and don’t say they had it coming.

Tron and Justin Sun can give us all hope that not all young entrepreneurial visionaries are greedy, nerdy sell-outs, Steve jobs, Mar Zuckerberg, Larry page and co. I hope you are listening.

Decentralisation is the word that we have all been waiting to hear ever since these corporate conglomerates took control of the internet as we now know it. Huge databases of information held in underground ice caves on every search click and post that has ever been made. That’s centralisation in a nutshell and of course those in control of those ice caves have control of everything.

Yes I know it sounds like a James bond film but in reality it’s not so far from the truth.

Bitcoin is the uncrowned king of the crypto world; that is unfortunately the case, like it or lump it and with a 36% share of the market why wouldn’t it be? But people seem to forget what Bitcoin really represents and not just its value as a virtual commodity. It hailed the dawn of a new era. The first true mainstream working example of what the Blockchain can do and be. And for that we should forever be grateful, but its time as king cannot last forever and new more efficient systems with real world use and value are surely going to take its crown, then hopefully the true value of Blockchain can finally be realised.

The king is dead, long live the king.

Over to you, Mr.Sun.

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Twitter: @Tronfoundation @justinsuntron
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