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Why Tron? #TRON ESSAY SECOND PRIZE【TRON essay competition TOP 2】

By Ryan Rooney

The TRON team firmly believes that the Internet belongs to all humankind since the day the protocol was born.

In its infancy, the internet was a novel form of communication across computer networks.

Los Angeles: “Hey Bob!

New York: “Good morning Jim!”

Today the internet has become much more than that, from social media to wikipedia, the entirety of man kinds known existence can be found online, or at least the directions or where to find it. Gone are the ‘geocities’ sites of cat photos and home cooked recipes; people now offer their entire existence to the internet. A place to share with your friends, video, text, and pictures. “Build your list of people you are connected to and share” they say, “add your interests and hobbies” they say, “keep volunteering your time and energy to fill our database with information! It will be fun”, they say.

But what do these content collecting corporations do with the information people voluntarily give them? Well, algorithms designed to filter and sort the content package it into a centralized place where it is analyzed and sold to the highest bidder. Who are these people and companies buying this information? ALL the big names, and alot of local small names too.

Companies like Facebook sell “you” to companies and businesses that are competing for your dollar. In fact, Facebook’s lead generation is so detailed even a start-up can find potential customers for the low price of a few cents per impression. Nothing nefarious or evil about it, Facebook is just a marketing goldmine. Once upon a time, salesmen would go door to door, or pick up the phonebook and call random strangers to solicit their wares, our response was to hang up or slam the door closed. Enter 2018 where potential customers, in the billions, line up to feed the big data monsters their daily dose of your lives — “omg shoes”, “I think our car is acting up and needs repair”. Overly simplified, yes, but maybe some of you get it now why Facebook wants to be best friends with you.

I pick on facebook because it is one of the largest with QUARTERLY profits in the billions. Why? Because it is a giant centralized database of user generated content. Facebook users are the true tools used by the facebook machine.

What if there was a way to decentralize that data and content. What if there was a way that users could commit a portion of their unused hard drive space to store that content. What if there was a way that those Billions of dollars of revenue could find their way into the wallets of those who created the content. What if we could destroy the machine used to generate wealth for a few and build a machine to generate wealth for many.

A huge undertaking to say the least. TRON established the Tron Foundation in Singapore, with the primary task to operate the TRON network publicly, fairly, transparently, and not for profit, and offer support to TRON’s development team. With already at minimum 500,000 TRX holders around the world and hundreds of millions of TRX users to come online this year, the Tron Foundation has definitely set their sights on the moon, with the hope of landing among the stars.

Lets talk about Youtube. It has become the central hub for online video. Users post content and get views. Advertisers pay big money to have their ads show up on popular videos. Lets say your newly updated video gets 2000 views in one day, that could mean anywhere between $0.50 and $10 for round number sake. ()

But how much does youtube make? Google’s annual revenue generated from YouTube is ~$4 billion !!!

Why should advertisers have to pay a middle man?

Tron is set to bring an entertainment revolution to the world.

To sum up, integration between the entertainment industry and the Internet at the global view is moving towards a new round of prosperity. Importance should attached to the Asian-Pacific region as a giant emerging market rapidly growing and the key to further development of the entertainment industry. However, for the purpose of effectively grasping core market and users of the entertaimnent industry, simply transferring traditional entertainment forms improved to the market is far from enough.

TRON network provides an effective means for user info existence and information docking between different systems in the entire entertainment market, so as to break information barriers among different applications. In this way, users are able to substantially lower information input costs required by a particular application and developers realize efficient interactions in the field of user identification to reduce expenses of repeat authentication and prevent user identity information from being disclosed or stolen
by an intermediary.

Barrier-free tokens based on TRON network will fill up the blank of channels that
can be connected to various system settlement and payments in the entertainment network, and make absolutely trustworthy transaction information flow come true. Therefore, the trust relationship between the people in many social links and game sessions, etc. Turns into the trust between human beings and technology.

Tron will allow each user to freely publish, store and own content and data. Users will be rewarded with TRX or an appropriate TRON20 compliant coin based on what the user is trying to accomplish.

Crowd funding has a new name! Tron

Gaming market places where digital assets can be bought or sold!

Live streaming YOUR content will earn you tokens which can be utilized accross ALL platforms!

Sharing YOUR voice with the world!

There is ALOT of low quality content online, but thats what happens when there is no incentives for quality. People will strive to create content with substance and value, in turn that value will be rewarded by those who seek it.

The Tron Protocol does not require knowledge of blockchain technology for its users. The protocol will be integrated into peoples lives so seamlessly that they arnt even aware they are using it. This is how blockchain and crypto adoption will take place. This is how Tron will be successful in bringing a streamlined suite of entertainment and function to over a billion people in the coming years.

“The world’s most valuable and largest blockchain network inter-connecting billions of people, has no center”

something interesting is happening…

The age of the middle man is coming to a close. Why is having all of nothing more valuable than having something of anything. Facebook, Uber, AirBnB, Alibaba, all rely on being the 3rd party connecting those that want with those that have, for a fee of course.

Tron will create a new environment free from centralized services. Where new types of businesses and services will grow and thrive without the limitations of a centralized Internet approach.

Thanks for reading…..

Ryan — CaptBoatFace

Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything. — George Bernard Shaw

*written for Tron Foundation essay contest.

sources: Tron Whitepaper, Images: internet, My opinions and views



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