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Why TRX Is My Favorite Cryptocurrency【TRON essay competition】

By Mick Donahue

I’m not a cryptocurrency expert, a developer, or a whale investor. I’m just a mid 40’s, working class, technology teacher at a private elementary school. I only made my first crypto investment in December 2017. Just like many TRX investors, I’m new to this market, but I deeply believe in THIS project. Although most experts will advise that BTC and ETH should be the largest portion of your crypto portfolio, my biggest position, by far, is in TRX. I’d like to explain some of my reasons for going against the advice of experts, and instead, trusting my own instincts, despite not having years of investing experience. As I began to research cryptocurrencies, before my first investment, I realized there are many incredible projects, which will transform global markets. I also realized that the project which intrigued me the most was TRON.

As blockchain technology disrupts every aspect of the modern world, in the coming years, we should ask ourselves which cryptocurrencies will lead the revolution? Although many will succeed, I feel that TRX and its TRON protocol will emerge as the leaders. The TRON team is attempting to create the Internet 4.0, and in doing so, will battle head to head with some of the biggest corporations in the world, like Google and Facebook. The TRON protocol seeks to create the largest, and most ambitious, ecosystem in the crypto world. When their roadmap comes to full fruition, TRON will connect social media, entertainment, gaming, commerce, and more, with its decentralized system. The fuel, which will power this elaborate ecosystem, is the TRX token.

Imagine that every YouTube star could own their own creative content, connect directly with fans, and be paid by advertisers they choose to partner with, without any middle man. Imagine that app and video game developers could sell their products directly to their customers, and imagine how much money it could save for those consumers. Imagine that all of us would actually own the content we put on social media platforms, instead of allowing YouTube, Google, and Facebook to continue to make billions of dollars by selling our personal information. These are only a couple of the amazing possibilities offered by a fully implemented TRON protocol.

There are many skeptics who question a project as ambitious as this one. But I ask you, what type of cryptocurrency project excites you as an investor? Most cryptos, even the best projects, with high level teams behind them, will end up competing with each other for market share, as they offer different approaches to solving the same problems. TRON, on the other hand, seeks to compete with centralized markets in general, across many industries. The TRON team is attempting to decentralize and disrupt as many different markets as possible, and unite them under the TRON protocol. With a young, charismatic founder, like Justin Sun, and with a strong team of developers from some of the world’s most successful companies like Alibaba and Tencent, TRON is a project which should excite you as an investor.

I’ve read and heard many complaints about the Periscope videos, created by the team. People complained that the team spoke English as a second language, and they were disappointed when there was not an announcement of an Alibaba partnership. Let me ask you this, which other team in crypto TRIES to communicate and share progress with their community, as much as the TRON team? The answer is…NONE!! Justin Sun and his team are doing exactly what they should be doing, during the developmental stages of a potentially revolutionary product. They’re building partnerships with reputable companies in different markets like: social media, gaming, virtual gifts, and even bike sharing. They’re creating case use value for TRX token, in various industries, as they build the most ambitious crypto ecosystem. They’re proving that TRON protocol can be successful, across multiple platforms. Most importantly, they’re laying the groundwork and foundation for future partnerships with some of the most valuable and successful companies on the planet, like Tencent and Alibaba, who already have some of their top people involved in this project. For these reasons, it’s key for long term TRX investors to show patience and allow TRON to grow to its full potential, organically. The early investors in this project, even those who bought in at $.25 USD, will look back years from now, and tell their family and friends that they were smart enough to invest in TRX when it only cost a quarter, or less.

As a cryptocurrency investor, it’s vitally important to do your own research, DYOR. Well, I’ve done mine. I own positions in 15 different coins, which I believe will be some of the most disruptive forces in cryptocurrency. I still hold my largest position, though, by far, in TRX. We each need to choose investments we truly believe in, especially when putting our hard earned money in cryptocurrency. Look for a revolutionary or very practical idea, with actual case use. Look for a founder with a successful track record, who has hired a team full of dedicated heavy hitters, in their respective fields. Look for a project with the financial backing necessary to allow it to grow and bloom into its full potential. There are many innovative crypto projects, which will be hugely successful, in the coming years. I have done my own research, and found the projects I love and deeply believe in. Out of all these world-changing projects…TRX is still my favorite cryptocurrency!!

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