Winners for TRON’s Community Developers Incentives Programme of December and Fourth Quarter

TRON Foundation
Jan 2 · 2 min read

Dear developers,

Our Community Developers Incentives Programme has been on for 3 months(one quarter). Thanks to every developer who contributes to our project. By the end of 31 Dec, 2019, the top 5 winners of December are:

NO.1 tronalex 200 USDT
NO.2 geb789, greygary01, jassfferson01 180 USDT
NO.3 Zara-lang, Parachuteuk, tomos01, Marilas, M-blockcoder, helloboy 150 USDT

From the start of October 2019 and to the end of December 2019, the top 5 winners of the fourth quarter are:

NO.1 geb789, 200 USDT
NO.2 Zara-lang, 180 USDT
NO.3 tronalex, 150 USDT
NO.4 bjianhang, 120 USDT
NO.5 richardhallhall, Parachuteuk, tomos01, 100 USDT

Congratulations! The cash reward will be sent in the form of USDT ASAP. You can claim your reward by emailing your USDT address to: through the email you used to contribute to our project by the end of Jan 5, 2020.

For those who failed to end up in Top 5, keep your chin up! The points gap is very small, so continue to earn points, the next month or quarter reward may hit you.

For more information of Community Developers Incentives Programme, please refer to:
For winners of December, please refer to:
For winners of the fourth quarter, please refer to:



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