Meet The Founder-TronLoot

Few years ago, common man was not aware what is Blockchain or even believed the concept of Crypto currencies. But sudden growth of Bitcoin attracted people to think Crypto as an option for investment and profit-making business. Even the Tech giants like IBM, Microsoft, JP Morgan etc. also realized the opportunity behind the blockchain and are coming out with new business strategies

Recently each day we can come across news about new ICOs with guiltier edge offers. But the success of ICOs is very challenging due the Marketing strategy issues, Volatility of market etc. But leaves with an environment where ICOs create major business opportunities for new industry called ICO promotors and have become highly money milking industry in very short span of time.

Tron Loot takes the ICOS to the next level by taking the initiation in introducing new ICO coins to the Tron Community with asset sharing along with the fun element.

This is great honor for Tron weekly Journal team to kick start the segment “Meet The Founder” with the Founder of TronLoot.

1. What do you and your team bring to table

TronLoots mission is to bring excitement, fungibility and asset sharing to the Tron Mainnnet. We aim to get as many unique and interesting tokens into as many wallets as possible in an incredibly fun way, which inadvertently promotes those assets to be shared and traded; increasing their desirability and overall value.

2. At this moment how do you measure success? what are your metrics.

We measure success through positive token trade activity by the Tron community. We regularly monitor trade channels after introducing a token into the TronLoot Reward Pool to watch for an increase in that tokens tradability. Fairly reliably we see that after introduction, a token will become more desirable by the community due to big winners trading their newly acquired token in trade channels for a profit which in turn spreads that token into a larger pool of Tron wallets. This spreading further improves a tokens trade value and in effect it’s desirability.

3. How will the investors make money by investing in your project

Making money through the TronLoot project is fairly straight forward. A user purchases TronLoot through either trade channels, or through TronScan, then sends TronLoot to our main collection address which is posted on TronScan, Telegram and Twitter, and in return that user receives back a random token in a random amount as a prize to their sending address. This prize is selected using (for amount awarded) and a digital spin wheel with all token choices included on the wheel (for token awarded). This prize is variable based on the amount of TronLoot you send in; 1 TronLoot = a chance at between 1–10 of a random token sent back to you, 10 = 11–100, 100 = 101–1000, and our Max allowed amount per spin is 1000 which rewards between 1001–10,000. We include “a chance at winning” in our description due to the “You Lose” option included on the digital spin wheel, which has a chance of 19.79% per spin. All reward amounts, proof of payment, and proof of fairness is provided in our TronLoot Rewards Chat so that users have peace of mind when participating. We have also recently included multipliers on wins to make big wins even bigger! An example of this is “A user sends in 1000 TronLoot, and their spin on the Prize Wheel is (IGG x2), then is rolled for a prize between 1001–10,000 and the result is 9567, this user has just won 19,134 IGG, which is a 382 TRX win on a 250TRX investment based on the TronScan trading prices of IGG and TronLoot.”

4. What do you hope to accomplish within one year

We hope to have TronLoot known as a popular and exciting choice by token founders, collectors, and traders of the Tron ecosystem within one year. Currently we are fairly unknown, as our project has only been listed on TronScan for 6 days. But in those 6 days we have formed 13 Token strategic alliances, have built up the trading value of over 30 tokens including TronLoot and we have built a following of 145 users on our telegram chat. We have also released huge updates to trading (multipliers) and have continued to add onto our list of future developments.

5. Have you identified a unique opportunity that others don’t have

We believe that we have found a particularly interesting niche in the Tron ecosystem by having an early entry on being the foundational force behind spreading tokens in a fun and exciting way. We will continue to update and upgrade our systems as demand and feedback increases and hope to form a long lasting legacy within Tron.

6.why is now the time your company to exis

Now is the perfect moment for TronLoot to come into existance. Tron Mainnnet is at an early stage, with only 200 tokens (increasing daily) available on TronScan; this allows TronLoot to spread these tokens and build a long term userbase before the amount of tokens available is far to overencumbering to feasibly build a foundation of value (which tokens need to be vetted for addition to the TronLoot Pool, What should their value be i.e. what multipliers are reasonable, is this addition long term or is this addition going to be detrimental in the long run, etc.). All of these variables are much easier to decide when the potential pool of choices is much smaller.

7. According to you what will be your biggest threat

Our biggest threats at the moment are scam coins. We want to make sure that we include tokens of potential future value on the TronLoot Prize wheel and given that 99% of projects out on mainnet are new and information on them is coming out daily we have to tread lightly when choosing Prizewheel additions. The last thing we would ever want is to spread scam tokens into potentially thousands of wallets.

Readers can join in our telegram for updates and attractive rewards”

Twitter: @TronWeekly