Mainnet Chilon Plan

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2 min readSep 27, 2023

The TRON community expects to release the GreatVoyage-v4.7.3(Chilon) version in Q4, 2023. The final contents and features of the new version have not yet been fully determined and are still under discussion. Everyone in the community is welcome to submit your contribution to the upcoming version at Chilon Planning.

Chilon is a non-mandatory upgrade version that will introduce multiple important updates. Richer gRPC interfaces and faster node startup speed, bringing users a more friendly development experience. Optimized disconnection strategy and synchronization process improve the stability of the connection among nodes. The optimized transaction processing logic and the optimized database query performance improve transaction packaging efficiency and network throughput.

Richer gRPC interfaces

Chilon will add three new gRPC interfaces. Users can obtain historical bandwidth unit price through getBandwidthPrices API, obtain historical energy unit price through getEnergyPrices API, and obtain transaction memo fee through getMemoFee API. These new features further improve the developer experience.

Faster node startup

Chilon speeds up node startup through the following two aspects. First, it improves the loading performance of the transaction cache. When a node exits normally, it stores the transaction cache data to the disk. So when the node starts next time, the cache data can be directly loaded into the memory, thereby saving most of the node startup time. The second aspect is improving the speed of obtaining external IP. When a node starts once upgraded, it directly calls the Libp2p module to obtain the external IP, which improves the efficiency of obtaining external IP. The node now only takes less than 10 seconds from node startup to synchronization, greatly improving the node startup speed.

More stable network connection

Chilon optimizes the message processing logic in the process of synchronizing blocks or requesting transactions, improving synchronization efficiency, reducing the probability of disconnection among nodes, and improving the stability of node connections. Moreover, before the connection is disconnected, the node will send the reason for the disconnection to the other node, which helps to efficiently handle node connection problems.

Higher network performance

Chilon optimizes the properties database query performance which can build up transaction processing capabilities. It also optimizes the transaction processing logic, instead of discarding transactions from disconnected nodes, it only discarding transactions broadcast from nodes that have sent illegal transactions, which improves the efficiency of transaction broadcasting and packaging, and gains network throughput.


The GreatVoyage-v4.7.3 (Chilon) version is expected to enhance the overall transaction packaging performance of the TRON network, increase network throughput, and provide users with a more friendly development experience.