What is TIP-635?

TRON Core Devs
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2 min readJan 19, 2024

The approval of Committee Proposal 82 indicates the TIP-465 took effect, as it introduced a new algorithm for vote reward generated after the proposal took effect. Since then, there have been two phases of the TRON protocol vote reward:

  • Phase1: Since TIP-53 and before TIP-465 took effect, the vote reward withdrawal is calculated cumulatively, and the time complexity is O(n).
  • Phase2: After TIP-465, its vote reward withdrawal adopts a more efficient calculation algorithm, and the time complexity is O(1).

If a user has both vote reward generated in Phase 1 and Phase 2, when he withdraws the vote reward, the vote reward in Phase 1 and Phase 2 was calculated separately, using a different algorithm.

To further improve the calculation performance of vote reward, TRON community has initiated a TIP-635 to optimize calculation performance for vote rewards generated in Phase 1.

Why need to optimize the vote reward calculation performance in Phase 1?

According to statistics, there are currently about 160 thousand users on the TRON mainnet who have Phase1 rewards to be withdrawn. By comparing the performance of the Phase1 reward algorithm before and after optimization in the test environment, it is expected that this optimization plan can improve performance by at least 20 times.

Furthermore, The current Phase1 voting reward withdrawal uses truncation at the end of the decimal, resulting in the current actual value being slightly smaller than the expected value. The optimized algorithm will adopt higher calculation accuracy, and the calculation value will be closer to the expected values. At the same time, the difference in results before and after optimization will be controlled within 1 TRX, which will have almost no impact on the TRX inflation of the entire network and user rewards.


It is expected to significantly improve the calculation performance of the voting rewards, and improve the TPS of the overall network. If the proposal is passed in the future, the performance of withdrawal transactions will increase significantly when users withdraw this part of vote rewards in Phase 1.