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How to multiply income with STARS tokens

How to multiply income with STARS tokens

Oct 2 · 4 min read

The most valuable token in the TronStars ecosystem is not as easy as it might seem. Having STARS in your wallet opens the door for a combination of passive and active income. Sounds attractive, doesn’t it?

Tronstars Platform TronStars

is a decentralized platform where each player has the opportunity to increase income through their gaming skills. Most of the games on the platform are PvP (players play against each other). The Stars token opens up great opportunities for players and developers of crypto games.

Thanks to the platform’s microservice architecture, game developers can easily integrate their decentralized games and monetize them. Integration with the platform and our smart contract system is done through the TronStars API.

Today, there is no strong competitor on the market in the form of another gaming platform, the concept of which would be based on the PvP mode and a special in-game non-transferable token SDUST, which essentially reflects the level of gaming skills. You can get SDUST only by winning games.

According to the latest analytics, it will take at least another 11 months for this niche to be fully occupied by competitors. We are ahead of the trend.

A unique feature of the platform is the presence of a dividend pool. Platform users can always receive additional rewards from the dividend pool.

What is Stars Token?

The STARS token is the most valuable thing in our ecosystem: it is a token that allows you to receive dividends and take part in various gaming events.

Current use cases for STARS tokens:

  • Dividends — users can freeze STARS on the platform and receive regular payments from the dividend pool

7,000,000 STARS will be provided for farming and staking on Ethereum and Tron blockchains.

STARS as a tool for generating passive income

After each victory, the user receives STARS and TRX as a reward, if the user loses, he still receives STARS. Each player can freeze their STARS tokens on the platform to receive TRX from the main dividend pool.

Active players and STARS holders who regularly play and improve their gaming skills (mine SDUST token) can additionally (several times) increase their income by participating in monthly rating lists and jackpot pools. The basic rule for participation: 80% of the mined on the STARS platform must be frozen during the event.

The platform takes from 5% to 10% of the commission from each game and directs them to the main dividend pool of the platform, and regularly distributes it among the holders of STARS tokens through a smart contract. For example, at the moment, after the launch of the BETA version of the platform, STARS holders received $ 23,000, and the total turnover from all games amounted to $ 460,000.

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Our Cross-Chain Policy

7 750 000 STARS will be burned on the Tron blockchain and released on the Ethereum blockchain to create wrapped STARS in ERC format -20 tokens. The wrapped tokens will be used to perform cross-chain transactions and will be available on SWAP platforms and decentralized exchanges.

We are also considering the possibility of issuing a token in the BEP format, to enter the Binance Smart Chain and Binance SWAP, by burning and re-issuing a certain number of tokens.

Comparing TronStars to Other Projects

To demonstrate the benefits of TronStars, we have compiled this simple comparison table.

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TronStars Progress: Roadmap Milestones Achieved

According to the roadmap, the team was supposed to release 1 game in the first month after 6 months, another 1 game.

We were able to significantly speed up the process thanks to the support of the community and released GRIND, 2 versions of the Fool game, and one non-card game — RPS Cryptolord.

RPS Cryptolord is designed not only for the game but also in order to show future players and publishers who plan to host games with us that we support various architectural solutions.

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Each project contributes to the TronStars ecosystem, increasing its value.

Today, four games are available on

  • Fool — an exotic Russian card game for the first time on the blockchain;

Our Marketing Strategy

To achieve the success of the TronStars platform, we have planned the following actions:

  1. Advertising of the project to a wide audience.


News about Stars token, TronStars platform and some entertaining posts.

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