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Today, we’re launching the world’s first skill-based platform, where your gaming skill will determine how much you can earn.

Other solutions out there are based on bet more — get more, but we are about to change this. TronStars’ aim is to provide a place for every player out there where, no matter how financially adapted, they may reach the top with enough courage and determination.

Our Token, the Star token, is based upon your raw skill and enables advanced use over the gaming platform. What skills do we talk about here? OFC Poker. If you had high grades in math back at school, this is where they would bring you the best of profits.

Technical background of Tron Stars is Tron, or TRX network, the 16th in the world by market cap rank. In simple words, principles of TronStars platform is that Stars token serve as proof of your skill. Each Stars token worth of 0.65 TRX.

Having Stars in your possession automatically makes you co-owner. Thus, you would receive benefits from having your hands on Stars supple early, because they will provide stable income to anyone, ranking them in our TronStars pool. You can learn more in our presentation.

Today we’re launching the first stage of our private sale, where we’re going to pre-sale 1% of our total supply. This means, that 10,000,000 Stars tokens would be available to those who want to support our project and become co-owner of the platform.

Remember we mentioned TronStars pool?

Having your hands on Stars token will assure you are hooked up to the TronStars pool, which will receive income from every future game we’re going to launch on the TronStars platform and distributed between token holders.

But there is a catch, in order to participate in Stars ecosystem and receive profits, one has to freeze 80% of his Stars tokens. Finally, after we end our private sale rounds and unlocking periods, it would be impossible to purchase them later on, only to earn them by playing games.

Hurry up and grab your first Stars, before they grow to 0.95 TRX.

Later on, Stars will be in high demand, so watch for your future now!

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News about Stars token, TronStars platform and some entertaining posts.

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